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Hello, how is your planning is going? Are you able to wake up early in the morning?

Or still, you wake up and stop the alarm, and again fall asleep.

How is the schedule is going on?

As usual or you have been trying to do a little more effort?

Hope you have been started your changing daily routine to keep yourself healthy.

Isn’t it?

If not then I am here to remind you of what is the thing stopping you from doing this?

Right now make a decision, and don’t make any excuse for changing your bad habits.

So I am again here to remind you what you have to do a little start to make a change.

Don’t worry, it is not too difficult to change it.

At the first time, we are always very conscious and think about is it possible or not.

But yes it is possible to start today and now to make a good habit.

You have to be kept in mind that yes I have to find some way to easily start my good habit.

Have you started our daily routine challenge by waking up early?

Have you remembered that?

I think you have been remembered but forgot it.

We always do that. This is human nature.

We do not accept things quickly.

Because we are very habitual what we currently do.

And it has been made a part of our routine.

Yeah, it is obvious but why to stuck in that.

Just reading about how to change and make a good habit will not change your health.

This will not improve your health.

So, it is very important to implement good things in our daily routine slowly.

Slowly make a changes and start to wake up early

I am saying slowly because it is not very easy to break our daily habits.

So, to habituate a new daily routine we have to try it slowly to make changes in our habits.

 Do not wonder that we all are in the same phase.

Let’s do start with waking up early…

Do you know nobody will push you to wake up early unless you push yourself to wake up early?

Try to find out the way how you can get up quickly.

Read the 5 Second Rule Ebook to start your healthy routine.

Don’t read-only, apply this in your daily routine.

And find the good and positive changes in your life.

Do not think too much about what to do? How to do it?

You have to remember that yes, I have to do it.

I have to accept this challenge.

This should be your power.

If you will just think, read, and will say we will see it later not now.

Then it will never happen.

It will be just in your mind.

You are just because of you none of the others.

None of the others will help you unless you will not help yourself.

Let’s go immediately for that.

If your answer is yes you have to do it. so let’s start together.

Let’s try how we can get up early.

Think in your mind about when you woke up early before.

What was the reason that you woke up early?

Might be that reason that can help you to wake up early.

If you think about what to do early in the morning, then the answer is simple.

Go for a walk.

What you like, do that after you wake up.

Listen to audio Ebooks, Audio Music, etc.

Anything that you love and you will be fresh does that.

If you love to dance do that…

Decide at night about what you want to do in the morning.

Do anything which will increase your happiness.

You have to make a force to your mind that mind will automatically remind you to wake up early in the morning.

If you feel alone then do this with your family or friends.

You can simply ask your best friend and decide a time to go for a morning walk.

If your friend will be ready then you will also do that.

So many options are available today to do.

Try to push your mind that you are waking up early and going for a morning walk.

You can also go with your pet if you have a pet.

Your pet will also love to go for a morning walk.

So enjoy it together.

Do not think about what is pushing you back.

Think about how you can make it possible.

And if you will try to make it possible it can be possible.

It can easily help you to make a change in your routine.

Instead of thinking not now, I will try it later.

Then you are doing a mistake. Decide you have to do it now. And think that no I will wake up early in the morning from today.

No one can stop me from doing this.

I have to make it happen and I am waking up early for exercise.

I have to keep myself healthy and happy.

And it is important to make a small change in my life to live a healthy life.

It’s you who will make a change in your life.

So, think very positively, be serious to do this change, and think about the benefits you will get after implementing good habits in your life.

Challenge yourself and make it easy by implementing it.

For the first week, you might be feeling weak or tired. But after a few days gone, you will see that you are enjoying waking up early.

Listen to some inspiring stories. Find which inspires you more. Start thinking in mind positively.

Also, inspire other people. If you will inspire others, you will also automatically do it. Inspire by others and inspiring others will also help to wake up early.   

Put your alarm to wake up early at night before you sleep. Keep outside your shoes. keep ready your coffee/tea material in the night so when you wake up you will get it quickly.

Keep your alarm clock away from you so that when you will listen to the alarm you will try to stop it and you just have to wake up for that. So, then you will leave your bed.

If you have a question What to do after waking up?

The answer is very simple.

Go for a morning walk.

Meditate or do some exercise.

Get outside in the sun or do some gardening.

Make some coffee or tea for yourself.

Enjoy with kids or pets

Eat breakfast.

If you have a question What to eat after waking up?

Remember nutrition breakfast is very important after you wake up.

So take a good breakfast which contains protein and other nutrition.

Eat boiled eggs.

Eat oats with milk

Drink milk with protein powder or dry fruit powder.

Drink soya milk.

Eat berries or chia seeds.

Eat an apple or any other fruit you like.

Drink green tea.

You will feel that is it okay if you wake up and start eating?

So that do some meditation and exercise in the morning.

Then you will be more energized, focussed, and optimistic.

So then after 1 hour, you can eat your favorite exercise.

You will ask me that Is it okay if I will lay down in bed after waking up?

No, you have to wake up and leave your bed quickly. If you will be still on your bed, then again you will feel sleepy. It will be difficult to you to leave your bed easily.

If you feel to drink water after waking up then you can drink a glass of warm water.

Drinking a glass of warm water helps in improving your digestive system.

Is it ok to skip breakfast?

No there are no benefits if you want to skip breakfast. Instead of skipping breakfast, you can do a regular breakfast which will keep you healthy and energized for the day.

What fruits do I have to include in my breakfast?

Fruits like Kiwi, Strawberry, Apple, Papaya, Pomegranate you can eat. Mainly fruits that are available in the particular season should be eaten.

So why you are waiting for. Start your daily routine challenge and see how it is beneficial to us. Comment or reply to me about how you are finding changes in your health by using healthy habits.

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