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Top 21 Skincare routines to look beautiful

Apple for Skincare

Apply apple juice with cream of milk on the skin Massage it gently and leave it for 25mins Applying apple on the face helps in brightening the skin Helps in reducing acne marks and dark spots

Amla for Skincare

Make a thick paste of Amla powder and honey Apply this mask on the face for 15 to 20 minutes Wash it with normal water and moisturize the skin Helps in reducing pigmentation and Removes all dead skin and skin tanning.

Honey for Skincare

Massage honey on skin and neck for 20 to 25 mins. Due to its anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties, it helps to heal breakouts of Acne Moisturizes the skin and acts as a gentle exfoliator Help in reducing Scars

Wheat Flour for Skincare #shorts #skincare

Apply Wheat flour & Milk on the skin for 15 mins Enhances the glow of your skin and is Good for skin whitening and lightening the dark spots

Turmeric for Skincare

Apply Turmeric powder with milk on the skin Leave it for 15 mins and wash it with water Turmeric is an Anti-inflammatory compound that May provides glow and luster to the skin Helps in glowing skin naturally Apply turmeric on Acne spots can prevent Acne and Pimples Turmeric powder is absolutely a wonder ingredient that lightens dark spots.

Curd for Skincare

Weekly Massage your skin with Curd for 25 mins Curd has lots of vitamins and has bleaching properties. Acts as a good exfoliator and Fights signs of Ageing. Removes dead skin cells. Improves skin glow naturally

Onion for Skincare

Onions contain vitamins A, C, and E which are good for your health. Excellent Anti-Ageing benefits found from Onion. Treats pigmentation and removes dark spots. Apply a paste of onion on the skin regularly to get skin benefits.

Rice for Skincare

Rice water is reached in, antioxidants and minerals Helps in the aging process Reduces UV damage, and promotes skin lightening Rice and rice water are very popular for skin whitening and Improving skin elasticity Apply a cold paste of steamed rice on the skin twice a day.

Coriander for Skincare

Antiseptic, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties found in coriander It helps in controlling Acne and pimples and Treats dead skin cells, sunburns, wounds, and scars Apply a paste of coriander on the face for 15 minutes

Top 3 Moisturizers for Skincare

Skin is nourished while being protected from free radicals. The smooth, lightweight texture absorbs rapidly, leaving skin feeling smooth and hydrated; never greasy. Supports skin’s natural regeneration process with moderate exfoliation and deep hydration for younger-looking skin.

Top Moisturizer Cream & Lotion for Skincare

Clinically shown to provide immediate and long-lasting relief from dry to extremely dry skin for up to 24 hours. To hydrate and protect skin from dryness, it binds water to the skin and prevents moisture loss. The formula is non-greasy, fragrance-free, and paraben-free, so it won’t clog your pores.

MB Beauty in 5 peace starter kit

It’s jam-packed with everything you need day and night for your most agelessly beautiful skin ever, thanks to supermodel Cindy Crawford and French anti-aging specialist Dr. Jean-Louis Sebagh. Fine lines are targeted. Wrinkles for a significantly elevated appearance. Skin that is firmer.

Skin Icing

It aids in the cooling of the body Oiliness, blemishes, pimples, and acne are reduced. Swelling and inflammation are reduced. Sunburns are soothed. Increases the skin’s radiance.

Applying Facial Massager on Skin

It boosts the effectiveness of your other skincare products when you use it after applying lotion or cream. It hydrates and softens the skin. It gives your skin a healthy glow. massaging your face and neck with an ultra-smooth jade stone roller gives calming effects on the skin.

Facial Massage with Cream

Massage your face by applying some cream or moisturizer regularly. Face Massage Aids In The Absorption Of Face Creams. Face Massage improves blood circulation on the face and Detoxifies the Skin Face Massage Reduces Aging Signs, Smooth Skin and helps Reduction of Acne and Acne Scars.

Mud Mask for Skincare

PURE DEAD SEA MUD aids in the cleansing of the skin while also providing a calming sensation. The pure mud, which is rich in minerals, stimulates skin renewal by gently exfoliating away excess oil, toxins, and dead skin cells for a smoother feel and a beautiful shine. Eliminates DEAD SKIN CELLS, DUST, AND TOXINS TO REVEAL FRESH, SOFT SKIN Our Spa Quality Mud removes dead skin cells, dirt, and toxins to reveal fresh, soft skin.

Scrubber for Skincare

You can scrub the skin twice a week Mix 1tsp Honey cream and red lentil paste. Your quick and easy face scrub is now ready to use. Scrub your face and neck with this scrub. Red lentils include ingredients that make them one of the greatest natural exfoliators for removing dead skin cells. leaving the skin smooth and dirt-free. It aids in the treatment of acne and blackheads.

Tea tree oil for skincare

Reduces acne and pimples Improves skin Glow Acts as Cleanser

Cleanser for Skincare

Glycerin is beneficial to the skin since it is a humectant, which means it helps the skin retain moisture. It can help to hydrate the skin, reduce dryness, and rejuvenate the skin’s surface. It’s also an emollient, meaning it softens the skin. Glycerin is a good cleanser for acne-prone skin. Glycerin’s moisturizing properties are its most notable attribute.

Multani powder for Skincare

Multani Mitti is well-known for its ability to treat acne and pimples. Excess sebum and oil are removed. Removes dust, sweat, and pollutants from the skin. Skin tone is evened out and the complexion is brightened. Good for skin tan and pigmentation.

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