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Hi all, how are you?

Now you have been set your goal for your wake-up time and exercise.

I think you have achieved that goal step by step.

Am I right?

If not start it now.

Read my blog from day 1 and start to make your healthy routine.

It is easy to step to do it and you will see the effect in 1st week.

Few people already with me and do the exercises from day 1 to day 6.

Obviously, you are finding yourself peaceful and happy.

Today we will take a rest from the exercise.

You can call it a cheat day for the exercise.

Are your now happier.

Don’t forget we have to start again the exercises from today.

And you now understand very well how exercise is helpful for your health.

It does not only get the benefits of reading books and blogs.

You have to start doing it accordingly.

Then you will see the changes in your life.

You will feel relax and calm…

Your inner happiness will increase.

You will be emotionally and mentally well.

This is very important to make exercise a part of your daily routine.

Now let’s see what we can do today.

You have been taken off today…

If you wake up early, then see nature around you…

See plants, trees, blooming flowers…

Feel that energy of nature…

Feel how they are celebrating morning…

You will feel like this is your first day of life…

And you are enjoying your morning the first time…

See how are enjoying birds, the sky, your pets, and kids.

So automatically you will feel the positive energy in your life.

And you will feel very happy.

Let’s talk about gratitude today.


Always try to feel gratitude for everyone who is with you.

Be thankful for favors or benefits received from your family and nature.

Say thanks to every person and element due to you exist.

This will increase positivity in your life.

We always think about what negative things are happening around us. And this increases your tension and problems.

Instead of more thinking about the negative, you always think positively.

Gratitude is the thing that we start thinking about what positive changes have happened in your life.

Automatically you will see the positive side of your life.

And you will start to ignore the negative side of your life.

This is a very good technique for your emotional well-being.

Your thinking will be changed.

You will be able to enhance your positive emotions.

You will improve your wellness psychologically.

You will get inner peace inside.

Gratitude has lots of benefits in your life.

Benefits of Gratitude in life

Emotional well-being

We are always thankful to someone who helped us. This change will make a ability to forget about yourself. If you will not think too much about yourself, automatically you will feel positive. Overthinking will be stopped and you will feel emotionally well.

Self-Esteem Increases

You will see your confidence has been increased. And you will always see the positive side instead of the negative side. Due to positiveness, you will always try to get the solution to any problem.

Feeling optimistic

You will be more optimistic about life. You will be hopeful and confident about your future. Due to that, you will make good decisions and steps to get a better life.

Spiritualism will increase

If you will grateful to your friends and people around you. Then you will always ready to help people. You will feel slightly spiritual. The more you will be spiritual more you will be grateful.

Helpfulness and givenness

This will increase your faith in your friend, family and people surrounded you. When you are thankful to them, they will also try to help you and attach with you. Due to that, you will take care of them. You will be more helpful and give them to feel happy.

Good for leadership

Gratefulness helps a lot in leadership. If you are a teacher, coach, or leading some team. Then gratitude always helps to increase confidence among the people about you.

Good for the Work environment

Gratitude helps in increasing happiness in the work environment. When we are thankful to people who are around us, they will always be ready to work for us. The work environment becomes positive and happy. If any employee working under you will feel happy then he will do the work more effectively.

Appreciating people around and always feeling thankful helps to keep them with you. And they are always ready to work with you.

This will help to improve work-related mental health. This will change the company environment and stress will be reduced.

Physical health

Gratitude also helps in physical levels. If you are emotionally well then you see your physical health is also good.

So, it is important to keep ourselves healthy by emotional levels.

In studies and researches found that people who are not emotionally well cause more physical problems. And to keep mentally well, we have to try some psychological solutions for our mental health. It is important to reduce our unnecessary stress in our life. Stress and depression increase our health issues.

Gratitude about nature, friends, family helps to keep your emotional level good. It builds positivity in you. When you feel positive you will do work positively. This will help to reduce your stress and depression. It will keep you happy.

Improves sleep

Gratitude helps in improving your sleep. You will see when gratitude daily at day and night your day and night will be good. You will sleep well without any tension.

Improves your overall physical health

If you are more grateful then you will see you are better in overall physical health. You are more enjoyable and will be good at a psychological level.

Let’s express your gratitude in your daily life. Gratitude is also a part of meditation called gratitude meditation. Let’s know more about gratitude meditation.

What is gratitude meditation?

Gratitude meditation is all about expressing gratitude for the things which are around you. According to john Kornfield if you will express gratitude about things then you will be more positive.

Buddhists and monks always chant gratitude for the blessings for their life. You see elders do grateful prayers to god for a good life. Some people pray and express gratefulness to nature, animals, plants directions.

This meditation is simple and does at any time. And you have been seen this is not a new technique. This has been done for many years by Buddhists and some spiritual or religious persons.

Some people think that sitting in a room without any disturbance is meditation. Actually, meditation is the thing that helps you to increase your positivity about life. You want to see positive things around you instead of negative things is meditation.

Expand the meditation to include neutral individuals, difficult people, and even enemies—until you are able to offer sympathetic joy to all beings everywhere, young and old, near and far. – by Jack Kornfield.

Gratitude does mean you have to thank for what you got. It is all about expressing thankfulness for everything. You will see the few things which are bad now but at other points, it could be a good lesson to learn something. So, express gratitude for all things which currently exist for you.

Another technique of expressing gratefulness is writing notes in your notebook. You can use your diary or notebook to write about the feeling of gratefulness about all things.

You can write what you have done in your day and express your thankfulness for what you achieved in a day.

For example, if you are learning something then you should be thankful to your teacher who has been provided knowledge to you.

You can write it in your diary or you can pray in your mind. Also, you always express gratitude toward your parents who have been given the life, this mother earth where we are living, the sky around you, water that is keeping you alive, the sun giving you the light.

Try this daily and see how you feel from the inner side. And see the positive effects in your life.

Write down daily in the day and night about what you learned a new thing and express gratitude about that thing and the person who provided you the knowledge.

Enjoy your day with your family and friends and express gratefulness for being there in your life…

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