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What is Pranayam?

Prana means energy or oxygen and Yama means control. So Pranayama means controlling the oxygen or energy in your body. This is the breathing technique that helps to improve our energy and oxygen levels in our bodies.

So, this is the technique where we can control our breathing during this yoga has. By using this technique we improve our physical and mental health. This is a sequence of inhaling and exhaling the breath in a specific manner.

Let’s see what is pranayama and how it is beneficial for us.

Pranayama is a Yoga study, kriyas are done with the help of our breathing in various types.it is the breathing technique to activate internal energy to make us healthy and active, this helps to enhance your beauty and wellness.

Only 10 minutes of pranayama or yoga breathing also helps for our healthy life. Let’s see 7 types of pranayama advised by Baba Ramdev. These 7 steps can improve your overall health. You can do this for 10 to 15 minutes.

7 types of Pranayam


Sit in a comfortable asana. Breathe inside till it reaches into your stomach. Stretch the diaphragm. Then breathe out slowly.

Again, take a deep breath inside and then breathe out gently.

Do this study for 2 minutes then you can increase it up to 5 minutes.

To do non-stop pranayama, you have to practice slowly. When you tired stop and start again. Do it for 2min when you have just started.

2&1/2 seconds will take to breathe inside and outside. This is called deep breathing. We intake more oxygen inside as compare to normal breath. Which helps to increase oxygen levels in the overall body.

Every cell, organ, and tissue of your body gets oxygen and energizes the whole body. Take a very deep breath so can every cell gets pure oxygen.

Anyone is suffering from many diseases like heart problems, hernia, any weaknesses, back pains then do it slowly.

Or who is healthy who can do it very deeply and fast? Do not do any movement. Sit straight.

This is the great challenge of fitness. This is what you can do at any time who has no time for exercise.

Do at least 1 minute then to 5 minutes and if you will get more time do it more. Any healthy person can do it 100 times in 1 minute.

Accept this challenge and do it and see how you feel energized.

Benefits –

Helps in constipation, gastric trouble, obesity.

Good for stomach problems

It will improve your brainpower.

You will feel more energized.

The full body will get the natural oxygen flow.

Increases concentration.

Your mind will keep calm.


Kapalbhati is powerful pranayama. It is helpful in cleansing the mind. It removes tension and problems out. This helps in removing unnecessary thoughts inside the mind.

Sit straight and do exhalation action deeply. Take breathe normally through your nose. Deeply exhale and keep in mind to get stomach inside.

Do it for 5 minutes at the start and then increase it slowly. It improves skin glow naturally. Remember that during exhale, think that you are removing your bad energy and unnecessary thoughts from your body.

You can sit in any position like Sukhasana, Vajrasana, or Padmasana.

Benefits – 99% disease decreases.

Improves hypertension.

Reduce Heart Blockage.

Maintain Weight and balances sugar levels.

Helps in Haemoglobin deficiency.

Good for thyroid.

Helps with any allergy.

Helps with all types of hair problems.

helps in all deficiencies like iron, calcium, vitamin d3, micronutrients.

Helps in cleansing kidneys

Good for your skin and repairs dark spots and dark circles.

Improves the strength of your body.


This is similar pranayama as kapalbhati pranayama. Sit in a Siddhasana position. In this Yogabhyas, you have to take a chest, neck, navel inside as much as you can during inhale. Then exhale slowly and do it 2 to 5 times. Try to keep inhale and wait how much you can.

Do not do this pranayama who has a bp problem. Ladies avoid this during monthly menses.

Benefits –

Helps in Acidity, gastric trouble.

Improves stomach problems

Improves concentration of mind.

Helps in controlling sugar levels.


In this pranayama, you have to keep doing inhale and exhale. Inhale by a left nostril and close the right nostril.

Then exhale by a right nostril and close the left nostril. Use your right hand to close nostrils alternately with the help of the thumb and middle finger. Do it continuously and start with the left nostril.

Important note – weak and anemic patients do it 4 times and then stop and take a rest and start again. Do not do it aggressively maintain an accurate rhythm of inhaling and exhale.

Few people try to do it fast because they don’t have to do a time for Yoga study. Try to avoid this and make a good and clean space for your Yog study.

Benefits –

Improves memory levels – this is very beneficial for your brain. It improves your left and right brain functions. And helps in activating the right brain.

Good for the nervous system – if you are suffering from nervous system problems, this is a good exercise for your nervous system.

Helps in sinus – all types of cough, sinus reduces by doing this exercise.

Removes heart blockages – helps in reducing heart blockages.

Helps in arthritis – it reduces the pain of arthritis or rheumy arthritis.

Helps in stress and depression – this exercise, reduces stress and depression which helps to keep your mind calm and relax.

Good for your eyes – this is good exercise for your eye.

Helps in diabetes to control the sugar levels.

Makes your memory sharp and improves your alertness.


This is good for your nasal problems. In this pranayama, the Bhramari sound is produced hence called Bhramari pranayama.

Sit in the sukhasana or padmasana.

Keep your back straight and your head and neck straight.

Inhale deeply as you take all breath till your belly and chest.

Wait for few seconds and exhale through the nose and make a sound like Bhramar. Remember that complete that sound does not break it and wait for a few seconds again.

At starting, do it 5 to 6 times and increase it after practicing daily.

Benefits –

Helps in depression, migraine – Migraine problems are reduced and also helps in controlling stress and depression.

Helps in keeping the mind calm and relax – due to reduction in stress and depression levels, your mind becomes calm and relax.

Your positive energy increases. And you feel positive throughout the day.

Helps in sciatica problems.


This is called om pranayama. In this technique, you need to do “OM” / “AUM” chanting.

You have to sit in a Sukhasana, Padmasana, or Siddhasana position.

Keep hands in Dhyanmudra on your knees. Close your eyes.

Inhale deeply and during exhale slowly with saying “Om”. O should be long and M is short. Do it 3,5,7 11 times and more as much as you can. Do it daily, it is very helpful for your stress. You can do it for 10 minutes at the start.  

Depression – helps in reducing depression levels.

Mind problems – controls the mind and helps to reduce all diseases related to the mind.

Sleep problems – help to improving good sleep. And reduces problems of insomnia.

Stress – the main cause of every disease is our stress. By this yoga exercise, we reduce our stress levels which helps to reduce other health issues.

Helps in all heart relates problems

Keeps the mind calm and relax and improves concentration.

Positive energy increases and removes all negativity out from the body.


In this Yogaabhyas we have to concentrate on our breathing.

Sit in a straight position. Keep your hands on your knees in a Dhyan mudra. Close your eyes and inhale very slowly and exhale slowly. And concentrate on your inhale and exhale.

This is the technique of concentrating on breathing. You can do it for 5 to 10 minutes. It improves your self-feeling and self-realization. It is called also Shivyog, kundalini yoga, prana vidya, or Brahma-vidya. This helps to understand about happiness is inside not outside.

Benefits –

Improves mind concentration.

Improves strength of mind.

Helps in reducing mental stress and depression

Increase physical and spiritual energy.

Improves alertness of mind and brain.

These are very good techniques to improve our overall health.

Do this daily if you are not able to do another exercise.

You can do it easily at your home in a small space.

You need only 1 Yoga mat for doing these 7 types of Pranayama.

Enjoy doing this, and improve your energy levels with positivity. This will help you to improve your overall health and wellness.

You will be active physically and mentally.

Do it now and comment below about your experience of doing these exercises…

See you next day with a new topic…

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