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Hope you have started your day 1 and now you are waking up early.

Also, you have done also exercise with Surya Namaskar or Morning Walk.

And tried also doing basic Yoga exercises.

If your answers are Yes then you are going in a good flow.

But if you are not able to make it, then start your day 1 by using the formula of success 5-second rule. Which will help you definitely to do it.

And definitely, you will see good results in 1 month.

It is important to start and go in a flow for your healthy habit.

This makes it habitual to wake up early and do regular exercise.

So, enjoy your journey of healthy living.

Today, we will see some meditation techniques.

Which you will feel some relax and calm mind.

Let’s get started now,

Hope you wake up early and started drinking a glass of warm water.

Now the time to relax your body and meditate on yourself to get a wave of inner peace.

Inner peace is very important in life. If you will leave peace in your mind. And avoid doing overthinking, then you will get relief from stress and depression.

To keep ourselves peaceful and relax, we have to meditate for ourselves.

To get this state, meditation plays a very important role in our life.

Let’s understand what is exact meditation?

Meditation is not anything difficult thing, it is only depending on how you can concentrate on your breathing.

We have to just concentrate on our breathing during inhale and exhale.

We can count when we breathe which will help us to increase our concentration levels.

It also increases our focus and vision of our life.

Concentration is very important when we are doing the work.

Sometimes we don’t feel mentally relaxed due to some problems or the hectic schedule of life.

When we start doing meditation for 10 mins daily it will increase our focus and positiveness.

So, meditation plays a very important role in our life.

We can start with 5 mins then to go till 10 to 15 mins. Anytime if you become very uncomfortable you can do this meditation at that time to relax your mind. 

Meditation calms your mind and you increase your focus on your work.

Focus is very important during work. When we will well be focussed during any work the work completed will be done fast with the quality.

You can do meditation the night before you sleep and in the morning before exercise and also after exercise.

To feel relax and calm throughout the day, when you feel overstressed then, do this meditation.

Meditation is not only also inhale and exhale technique, it is also by doing work as per your interest. Or else you can try with your hobbies to reduce your stressed levels.

A hobby is a great place where you can engage yourself so much. And this helps to relieve the pain inside your mind and you forget all things.

Actually, any environment which helps to neglect your overthinking is meditation.

Counting during the inhale and exhale of your breath and closing your eyes also helps to keep yourself calm and relax.

Just sit in Sukhasana position.

Focusing on the breath –

Close your eyes.

Start counting from inhaling 1 and exhale 2 and so on.

Concentrate on your breath and see within yourself. See how the breath is going inside the body.

This will increase your focus and you will forget yourself. So, thinking in mind will be stopped and you will feel relax in 10 mins.

Start doing first with 5 mins then, if you feel good doing it then increase time 10 to 15 minutes.

You can use another technique to do a meditation.


Meditation using a Candle flame

In this meditation, you have to use the candle and you have to keep focusing on the candle flame.

Position the candle exactly in a straight line of your eyes.

So, when you sit then you can see that candle in the same position as your eyes.

Sit down in Sukhasana position.

Try to continuously focus on the candle flame.

If you are thinking in your mind, then try to ignore it.

Try to make a concentration on that flame.

Do it for 5 minutes.

If you lose concentration and focus in between that then again try to focus on that candle flame.

This will increase your focus on your work.

And will improve your concentration.

It is very important to forget yourself in meditation. When you will see that you are forgetting yourself. Then you will feel peacefulness and mindfulness.

You can do any type of meditation. It is not very technical but it is very important to maintain your focus on any object. It will be the inner side or outer side.

Meditation during Yoga exercise

During yoga exercise also, you can practice focusing on inhaling and exhale. Due to that, you will see that you are totally involved in yoga and counting your breath.

This helps you to yourself tuning your body in the flow of yoga exercise. This will help you a lot in improving your emotional well-being.

If you will be emotionally well, then you will see that you are feeling healthy and happy. You will see the positiveness in your work and in routine.

Try to this mediation techniques and see how it affects on your body and emotions.

You can choose any one technique to do a meditation.

Counting during inhale-exhale helps to see your inner body and understand about our body.

Concentrating on any objects also helps to increase your focus. You can take any object like a pen, led light, etc.

Keep this object away from your eyes in a straight line. And concentrate on that object.

Chanting Mantras

Chanting mantras using mala made by rudraksha or Moti mala also helps to increase your focus and willingness.

You can chant any type of mantras of God.

Rushimuni’s are doing this for several years. You have been seen also your grandparents are using this technique,

Actually, they don’t know about the chanting mantras helps to get benefits for health. But the main objective of themselves is to connect themselves with the god.

There are various books related to spiritual mantras in mythology. These are used to pray for a God. If you can chant these mantras it will help in improving your concentration.

You can simply use chanting the “Om” word daily in the morning for 5 to 10 minutes. By this mantra, you get good vibrations inside and this helps you to make you relax and calm.

It is also important to use the proper words during chanting “OM”. And use inhales and exhale techniques for this mantra. So, you will get more benefit from it.

Chanting “OM” or “Aum” helps in a lot of ways. It is called the sound of your Universe and Nature. This helps to keep the mind and body energized.

Chanting “OM” has lots of benefits.

It helps in keeping your mind calm and relax.

It helps to increase energy in your body.

Calmness reduces your stress and depression levels.

Your overall happiness increases.

Your muscles relax due to chanting “OM”

Blood flow increases in your body and it helps to look your skin healthy.

Reduces anxiety and improves your immune system.

Chanting mantras is also good for your nervous system.

It also helps in your speech quality and improves your pronunciation. It is a good exercise of your mouth and tongue.

Mindfulness Meditation

In this meditation, you have to fully focus on the thoughts going into your mind.

You sit relax on a mat and close your eyes.

And see within you and look what the mind is thinking. Go inside deeply what exactly thoughts are going into your mind.

This is also a good part of meditation. Due to concentrating on your thoughts, you will see you have too many necessary thoughts.

Few thoughts are just coming in and go out. But some thoughts which you have questions remain inside in your mind. By doing this meditation, you also find the answers to questions and problems within your mind.

Meditation by Hobby

You can take your hobby and do it for one hour what you love doing most. Due to this also you will feel relax.

You can plant trees or go too close to nature. This is also a good part of meditation.

If you love pets then, play with your pets. Enjoy playing with children.

You will see that if you show your kindness and love to the pets or nature, you will start feeling good and relax.

Try to do it and find out which meditation helps to make you relax.

Answers it to me in the comment below so that if you find any new idea of doing meditation, others can also do it to make them relax.

It is important that do not try to force yourself to do meditation. It is just important that you do what you love most.

Forcefully doing things does not mean you are in meditation. Do not get fear doing anything. Think in your mind inside, check what you are interested to enjoy, and then try.

Few people like to do painting, reading books, chanting spiritual mantras, writing, drawing designs, crafting, etc.

Do whatever you want to do… but try it, get out from your comfort zone and try new good things which make good impacts in your life.

Do it yourself and tell your journey about your meditation in the comment below.

Enjoy and keep smile to make others smile…

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