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Let’s start together to follow daily routine to wake up early

Do you know the first day of doing anything is difficult? Mostly it is difficult to start you first thing quickly.

To quick start, make a decision at night that you have to start from today to leave a healthy and happy life.

Improving our health by making changes in our daily routine is the main task for your healthy habit.

Discipline is very important in our life. To keep our body in discipline, start your night by writing the plan for tomorrow. Write down what changes you have to make to keep your healthy routine.

And day by day you will do all changes and implement healthy habits in your life for your beauty and wellness.

Make your own diary and write down your bad habits into the points.

Then you will mentally prepare to start making changes in your daily routine.

On today’s date, no one wakes up early in the morning. Mostly you wake up at 9 am and more than that.

We sleep at late night and due to that, we do not wake up early.

To change this habit of late wake-up, let’s start with understanding how you can wake up early in the morning.

Decide first that at what time you want to wake up.

For example, if you are currently wakeup at 9 am then slowly change this habit and try to wake up at 8 am.

So, now you have to wake up early than 1 hour of regular time. Decide in mind that yes, I have to wake up at 8 am from tomorrow.

Write down into your diary in the night I wake up at 8 am and memorize it until you sleep.

Then set your alarm accordingly to start your day at 8 am.

It’s obvious and it will happen that you will make an alarm, and the next day you will stop that alarm and again go for asleep.

Do not forget that first try to sleep early so that you will wake up early the next day.

Sleep early with deciding yes, I have to do this habit and I will wake up at 8 am tomorrow.

Remind yourself

Remind yourself at night to I will wake up early. You can set this reminder into your mobile so that till you sleep, you will remind your mind to wake up early.

Also, tell your family about reminding you about you are going to wake up early at 8 am. Also, tell your friend to remind you at night for you.

If your mind will get the message in the night and you will always think about waking up early. So, in the night you will recall your memory to start your morning early.

Automatically you will try to sleep early because your mind knows that you are ready and decided to wake up early.

Then sleep tight to start your great morning. Some people get problems with sleep.

But find any way to get into the sleep. Like reading books, listening to music, aroma relaxation therapy, etc.

Sleep is a very important

Sleep is a very important part of your daily routine. So try to sleep early. Do not keep busy till at late night.

Because at night our body repairs itself inside and at that time we need to sleep. So that we will not disturb our bodies. Try to go with the flow of nature is very important.

In the morning when the alarm starts, you will try to stop it and will sleep again.

This usually happens, as we all love to sleep. And we don’t want to leave this sleep.

So, if the alarm starts, then we snooze it again alarm starts ringing we again snooze it, and finally, we stop it.

Then again remind yourself you want to wake up early. And you are starting your day with exercise.

You can take 5 minutes to rewind from sleep. Say to yourself wake up, wakeup, wakeup.

Eventually, you will wake up and you will see that you are changing your habit and you wake up at 8 am.

5-second rule

You can follow also the power rule technique to wake up early. Everybody knows about the 5-second rule. Just count 54321 and you will see you wake up immediately.

This technique really works if you are not able to change your wrong habit. Then go with this 5-second rule formula to get yourself in action.

Do understand that it is very important to first decide which is your wrong habit and yes you have to change it. This is just an example I have given to you.

Then what you have written into your diary for you changing habits. Then try to make a change one by one.

Then make a sequence of it that which one is the first habit you have to change. Then when you complete changing 1 habit in one week then tick on that one habit that has been changed.

And start working accordingly. So that one by one you will change your bad habit to a good habit. You will see at some point that you have changed so many habits in your life.

Habits help to reflect our personality. Personality decides our beauty and wellness. To live and look beautiful we have to go with our nature. We have to implement some good habits to make a healthy life.

Sometimes happens that we everyone that we have some bad habits. And still, we do not change because we are habitual about that habit.

But if you can decide that you must change this habit then no one will stop you to make good changes in your life.

At a certain point, our decision is important. And we have to take some good decisions to make our life beautiful. If you will take care of yourself, there is no one to stop you from your happiness.

We all have to understand that happiness lies in our interior sources, not on the exterior.

Wake up early in the morning helps us to make a good routine and feel energized. When you start to wake up early you will see how you feel good.

Now you understood that how you can start the morning to wake up early. Then if you find in a week that you started gradually waking up early before 1hr.

Now you can decide again and start to wake up at 1 hour before like 7 am then 6 am. Every week make 1 hour less and try to wake up early before 1 hour which you were sleeping.

At a certain point, you will see that you are really waking up early at 6 am and it became a good habit.

After that, you do not need to push yourself to wake up early. You will be gradually into that flow and will automatically wake up early.

You will see that you don’t need an alarm or any person or reminder to wake up you early.

Now when you are waking up early then, start your day with a few exercises.

So, you got 1 hour extra in your day. Use that 1 hour extra for another good habit to include in your daily routine.

Let’s decide about which exercise you want to do or you are comfortable with it.

It will be your choice which exercises you want to do.

So, let’s start with walking. You know how morning walk is important, start walking in your garden, teres or go for walk in the garden or ground,

Due to the morning walk, we get more oxygen. When we walk, our breathing increases, and due to fresh air, we get fresh oxygen.

In the morning, oxygen levels of the surrounding nature increase. As you everyone knows that almost trees throw out the oxygen at day time.

When the day starts air is fresh and there is no pollution in the air and surrounding climate.

We know everyone’s pollution is due to traffic. We don’t take care of our environment. Chemical industry’s water and gases. Because of that all pollutants, we do not get fresh oxygen in the morning.

But in the morning, there is no pollution so that we get fresh air from our surroundings. Hence it is important to get fresh air for us.

You will see that walking is helping you to boost your energy for your entire day.

Due to an increase in oxygen in your body, oxygen flow increases. All blood carries oxygen to every cell to get that oxygen.

So, oxygen in our body increases, and every cell get energized.

Oxygen increases your energy levels and you gradually force yourself to work very energetically for that day.

So, a morning walk is very important to exercise and we can easily do it anywhere. You will be able to find that how many changes you are seeing due to this morning walk.

The first day you will feel sleepy but if you will do it daily, after a week you will find that you are automatically started your changing habit. And this habit is really helping you to make happy.

So, start your day this way and see the good changes in your body for your beauty and wellness.

See you in the next day’s daily routine challenge…

Enjoy your day and keep a beautiful smile on your face…

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