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Let’s see some exercises which everyone can do daily.


Skipping or jumping on a rope is very good exercise. It gets lots of benefits to your body. The important is this is not expensive and not much space is required to do it.

You can easily buy a jumping rope from your local shop or online.

You have to jump on the rope with the help of your hands twisting with the rope. Due to jumping, the various organs of the body get the movements.

At the start you can start slowly jumping on a rope, you will see your alertness about your body has been increased. During jumping, we always concentrate on a body. If we will not concentrate there might be chances to fell down.

It improves our alertness during skipping. There are various types of jumping techniques and steps. If you are bored by using one step, take another step and enjoy.

The importance of doing jumping is that we really enjoy it doing jumping. We can do jumping with our friends also. So two people can jump at a time on a single rope.

Another way of jumping is jumping by taking double steps and then jumping on a rope. This is also a good step to include while you do skipping.

You can also jump using alternate legs. Use right leg first to jump on the rope when complete with right leg then use with left leg. So continuously go in the flow as the right to left jump. At the start do it slowly and then if you feel comfortable then you can increase your speed.

 If you have enjoyed with more friends then also you can do this exercise. Simply one friend will grid the handle of rope at one side and another will by another friend. And these 2 friends will do the movements of ropes and you will do the jumping on the rope. This is a very good exercise to do and you will see how much you can enjoy it.

You can do jumping with another friend also. This will make you and your friends, fun with the exercise. If you are fit and want to play or want to do some exercise then go with this exercise. This helps a lot for our health and fitness.

Important – ask your physician or instructor before you start the exercise. If you are suffering from any diseases please consult your doctor before you do.

Benefits – This exercise has a lot of benefits as this is like enjoyable exercise and whole-body movement done by jumping on a rope.

It helps to improve our alertness – during jumping on a rope we concentrate on a rope movement and if the rope comes down then we jump on that rope.

This technique helps us to concentrate on the rope and the wrist movements. We also focus on the speed of the rope and catch the exact speed to jump on it.

Good for heart – due to jumping and regular movement of the body it helps to improve our breathing. Due to breathing, we get more oxygen to our body which helps for overall body functions.

Reduces risk of injuries – due to alertness, we focus on our body during jumping rope. And during playing outdoor games and other activities, we are always alert which helps to reduce the risk of injuries.

Strengthen our bones – jumping on a rope helps to strengthen our bones. Due to jumping overall body organs works energetically. So the whole body gets natural and more oxygen due to jumping. And which helps to improve blood flow and oxygen levels into the body. Also, bones are strengthened due to continuous body movements.

Helps in weight loss – Due to jumping we lose many calories compare to other exercises. Which leads to weight loss. Jumping, leads to losing weight fast.

Build stamina – It also helps to build your stamina due to jumping on a rope. As you increase your time to jumping on a rope it improves your stamina.

Due to this exercise, you do a full-body workout just in 10 to 15 minutes. So do this exercise if you cannot make much time to do exercise. Then this is the best exercise for you.

You can jump for 10 minutes daily if you are a normal healthy person. If any person has some injuries and suffering from any disease, they need to talk to their family physician before starting this exercise.

Jumping Rope / Skipping helps to reduce weight naturally. Improves your alertness due to jumping and increases your health and happiness. Enjoy your skipping day by day and see how it is good for your fitness.

Jogging or running

Jogging and running is also a good exercise for your health. Peoples enjoys doing jogging or running with their friends. We can run or do jogging to the garden or on the ground.

Jogging also helps to improve your fitness naturally. It improves your breathing and that helps to get more energy and oxygen to your body. Due to heavy sweating body throws out the toxins with the help of sweating from the body.

Due to running or jogging oxygen levels of the body increase and blood flow carries that oxygen to every cell. Every cell gets fresh oxygen which leads to keeping the body fit.

Jogging and running are not much different in it. jogging is done slowly and then it converts into running if you increase your speed.

Due to running and fresh oxygen air, our skin cleanses with the help of removing toxins from the skin. As body movements happen during running, we naturally sweat more. Due to heavy sweating, all toxins get removed from the skin which leads to looking our skin fresh and clean.

You can join the club if you like to run. You can do running with your friends. Join the club to enjoy more doing running. Also, you can take a part in a marathon for running.

Important – Do not forget to ask your physician before you start doing jogging/running if you are suffering from any disease or injury. People who are greater than 40 in age, prefer to ask your health expert.


It improves your lung’s functions – due to heavy breathing. Our oxygen levels of the body increase and which helps to keep our lungs healthy.

Improves oxygen levels – naturally breathing increases by doing jogging and running which leads to improves oxygen levels in the body.

Body fat reduction – Due to running, we burn more calories. It helps to reduce our body fat fast. Heavy sweating helps to remove unwanted toxins from the body which helps in weight loss.

Muscle & Bone strength – it helps to strengthen your bones and muscles.

Improves brain functions – oxygen flow increases overall body which also helps to improve your brain functions.

Running or jogging helps to improve your overall fitness. Use sports shoes, loose clothes and do it in the morning to get fresh air inside.


Laughing is also a good exercise to include in our daily routine. You will see in the most of city, there are laughing clubs. You can join that to enjoy laughing.

By laughing, you can improve your wellness. Emotion levels are controlled by doing this exercise. You keep yourself motivated and builds a good connection between your friends and group.

It reduces your stress and depression levels which helps in increasing happiness in your life.

Due to joining clubs, people get their new friends and group. Which helps to build them a very good community.

In this laughter club, all come together and laughs loudly. This helps to increase our inside energy and helps in increasing happiness.

People who are unable to do any type of exercise can go with this exercise. Due to laughing, we forget about all the physical and mental pain. This helps to reduce our tension and problems.

You can do this at any time and anywhere. Laughing increases the positive energy inside and we get much motivated.

Enjoy laughing with your friends, do some jokes with friends so you can laugh throughout the day.

Please note that do this exercise after consulting your health expert.

Benefits –

Improves your relationship with friends, groups, and community.

Improves respiration system which is for your health of lungs.

Blood circulation improves blood flow in the body.

Relaxes muscles and gets relief from pain.

Increases immune system which is good for your health.

Enhances memory and brain functions.

Reduces stress and depression which increases the happiness in your life.

It is very beneficial for your psychological well-being which improves your quality of life.

Enjoy doing these exercises which are very easy and you can do them for at least 15 minutes.

Laughing helps to keep you emotionally well being and increase happiness with your mental wellness.

See you in the next lesson…

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