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Let’s do some gardening with plants which easily you can grow.

Gardening is a very good source to live a healthy and happy life. As Healthy means when we eat vegetables and fruits from our garden, then we will get fresh food daily to eat. And due to gardening hobby, we will feel happy when you will see your grown plants in your garden.

If anybody wants to enjoy this process, then read about gardening tips and tricks. Which will help you to build a hobby in your life.

Every person can do gardening. Kids also enjoy a lot when they do gardening, and also senior citizens. You can do it in also a small space. If you have a garden, teres or gallery then definitely you can plant some vegetables and fruits in the garden easily.

Let’s enjoy your day with gardening.

There are so many plants which we can easily grow in our garden. Our kitchen ingredients like Ginger, Carrots, Potatoes, Capsicum, Brinjal, Cauliflower, Cabbage, Fenugreek, Cucumber, Coriander, Tomato, and so on.

You need only soil, manure, and container to start growing plants. You can also make manure using your green wastage at home. You also use dried leaves of plants as manure. For insects, you can use neem leaves.  

So, let’s begin with some easy plants to grow so that you will start with these plants. Tomato, Mint, Rosemary, and Lilly plants are very easily grown in any place so let’s try these plants for your beginning of gardening.

For these plants, you don’t need to use manure. Simple you can use only soil to grow these plants.

And these plants you can get easily nearby you. Tomato and Mints are available in our kitchen. For rosemary and Lilly, you can find them in the neighbor’s garden or you can buy seeds from the nursery.

Let’s talk about how tomatoes can be easily planted in your garden.

In every house tomato is available. And we need a tomato in every recipe to make a tasty meal.


Just take 1 red tomato.

Make a round slice and keep it aside.

Take a container or small terracotta pot.

Add 80% soil and 20% manure into it. mix it well.

Take a slice of tomato and keep it on the soil.

Cover the slices of tomato with soil and sprinkle water.

Keep this pot in the sunlight.

Daily sprinkle some water, and you will see in a few days plants are coming out from the seeds.

This is a very easy and simple way to grow your tomato in-house.

There is no extra material to grow tomatoes.

Anybody can try and see how you can grow your plant easily.

You can remove other plants from another pot or container.

Keep only 1 plant in 1 pot.

In this way in a few days, your plant will grow very well.

Do not forget to add water to your plants every day. But if there is a monsoon you don’t need to add water to your plants. Keep your container where raindrops showers on your plant.

You will really love this process and you will feel relaxed and calm when you will see the growth of plants.

Try it at your home and please share your feelings and comments after you start growing plants in your home.

You can use plastic bottles to plant tomatoes.

Fenugreek seeds

Another plant you can grow easily is fenugreek seeds.

You can use this fenugreek in your salad or for your recipes.

Soak fenugreek seeds into the water overnight.

Take a pot with soil and add soaked fenugreek seeds into it.

Add some soil to the seeds and sprinkle water.

You will see plants are coming out from the soil

So, these are various plants which are easily grown in your house.

Try all these simple techniques and start your gardening hobby.

These plants you can grow very simply and easily.

You need only a terracotta pot, container, or any plastic bottle to grow.

If you don’t have a terracotta pot or container, then a plastic bottle also works to grow these plants.

Cut the bottle, add some soil and plant your seeds.

Do not forget to sprinkle water on your seeds every day.


Mint is also a good plant to grow easily.

You can use stems of mints to plant it.

Use the bottle to grow mint. Add some soil into the bottle.

Make a hole around the bottle and insert mint stems into it.

Sprinkle water and leave it in sunlight.

Let’s see another flowering plant that you can grow easily.


Rosemary is a very good plant and you can easily grow it.

Rosemary flowers are dark in color and look very beautiful.

These plants do not need any effort to grow.

You can use small plastic bottles also to plant rosemary.

You need some stems of rosemary plants.

And just add some soil into the bottle.

Make wholes around that bottle.

Insert stems from every whole.

Sprinkle water drops and keep them in sunlight.

In a few days you will see stems are growing.

The whole bottle will be full of rosemary in a bottle shape.

After a few days, you will see flowers on all stems.

And thus bottle will look so beautiful with rosemary plants and flowers.

You can hang this bottle anywhere you want which will look very beautiful.

It is like a natural decoration to your house.

You can use also multiple color plants of rosemary.

Or you can use various bottles with different colored plants.

Try this and comment on me if you have planted rosemary in your house.


Another plant you can grow easily is Lily.

Yes, you can also easily grow lily in your house.

You can grow lily by using seeds or lily onions which are available in the nursery or in any house.

You can grow this also in terracotta, pot, or bottle.

It doesn’t need any manure to grow it.

Just take soil and insert seeds or lily onions into it.

Slowly it will grow and you will see colorful flowers.

Try to do gardening with your kids.

So kids will also enjoy and will learn to plant trees to keep our environment safe.

In today’s date pollution is increased so we are responsible to keep our environment safe.

Planting trees and doing gardening can reduce pollution. And this also helps us to get fresh food for eating.

When you will eat your grown vegetables, you will feel different happiness.

After that, I think you will be habitual to grow plants daily.

You can experiment with other plants also.

Whatever is available in your house just try to plant it in the container.

Planting vegetables, flowers are not too hard. Only need to take care of them daily.

And this is a very good hobby which everyone can enjoy.

Everyone can do this at their home.

This will not help you to keep happy but also you will get fresh fruits and vegetables for your meal.

You will see that using fresh vegetables makes a recipe very tasty. So, plant vegetables in your garden and enjoy your tasty food.

Love to do this happy to increase your happiness and wellness.

Hope you will start planting and growing trees in your house. And please do not forget to share your experience.

Grow plants to keep our environment and health safe…

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