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Natural Remedies & benefits

Herbal remedies or plants are used to cure or prevent disease. We use these Herbals as a medicine in a different way called Natural Remedies.

We can use them as prevention. We get relief from symptoms of diseases and it boosts our energy and feels relaxed.

Using Fruits & vegetables, Masala’s which we used to make various recipes to get a tasty meal are also helpful to prevent diseases. As all always says Prevention is better than cure, so let’s see how these natural sources are good for our health.

Why include Natural Remedies?

Natural remedies or natural ingredients are safe to use. When we use Natural ingredients or eat a proper diet it provides us nutrition values which is beneficial for our health. Hence by diet, we take essential vitamins & Minerals for our body which helps us to become healthy. And due to this, we can be far away from the diseases.

For example, if we have a cough, we use Milk with Turmeric to cure the cough. This is a good and easily available remedy in our house and which helps us quickly get relief from cough.

The main reason for using Natural remedies is it has no side effects. It is used as a prevention from the disease. And this is the easiest way to keep ourselves healthy.

Today’s lifestyle is very hectic. And no one takes care of themselves through their proper diet and habits. But today is a need to take care more of ourselves.

Some people, if any pain or anything happened related to health, directly go into the medical and buy the medicines on that to cure. But if we found some good Natural resources in our home.

So, if symptoms are not high and then you can cure yourself in the easiest way by using Natural remedies. Just we need a piece of good information and need to consult Natural Medicinal expert.

 We get lots of benefits if we use natural sources in our daily routine. Only if we can change our Habits by including Fruits & Vegetables into the diet we can be live healthy & happy.

Uses & Benefits

Natural sources are good sources of Vitamins, Minerals, Micronutrients, and also good sources of Antioxidants. It helps us to improve our overall health.

Problems related to Hair, Beauty, Health, Immunity, Brain, etc are solved by Natural sources. This way we can improve our total health and fitness.

We can use Natural ingredients through a regular diet or we can make some changes like making smoothies or drinks to increase their nutritional value and get most of the benefits from that.

For example, we always use Amla in our Diet. Amla is a rich source of Vitamin C and which is very useful in reducing Ageing process. We take Amla in the form of Candies, Supari’s, etc. We also drink Amla Juice in the Morning.

Nutritional value changes when we eat Amla in various forms. As everyone knows when we drink Amla juice in the morning, it is very beneficial to our health. It improves our metabolism. And due to rich sources of Vitamins reduces Skin Aging affects very fast.

How to take care of Health in all Seasons?

It is important to take care of your health in all seasons. Every season brings new diseases and we have to take care of them.

Summer starts and some allergic diseases start increasing during the summer. In summer we do not feel hungry and mostly we don’t. And the body needs to keep hydrated in summer. Some peoples suffer from dehydration in the summer due to the very hot season.

You have to keep in a mind to drink plenty of water during the summer which helps to keep your body hydrated. You can include also Juices, Smoothies, Lemon Water, Aloe vera Juice, Amla Juice to drink regularly.

Avoid eating outside junk food and eat fresh fruits & vegetables. Coconut water is a good source of Vitamins & Minerals. So, try to drink on a daily basis so our body’s Vitamins & Minerals need will be complete.

In Monsoon Season, we have to avoid the rain. The most common monsoon diseases are Viral Fever, Cold & Flu, Typhoid, Cholera & Dengue.

Preventive measures are Washing hands regularly, drinking plenty of water (use hot water). Intake of a balanced and nutritious diet will improve the body’s immune system. So, it is healthy & nutritional.

You should also wear full clothes when you go outside. Do not keep wet clothes on your body. Do not get wet in the rain. Boost your immunity by eating rich Vitamin C foods. Keep distance from the infected person. This will help you and protect you from diseases in the Monsoon season.

In Winter, keep yourself warm. Wear Sweaters and full clothes to avoid the body from cold. Drink & Eat hot. Drink soups. Keep your skin hydrated. Use a moisturizer on the skin. Take care of your hands & feet. Massage it with oil.

Exercise daily like Walking, Jogging, Yoga, etc. Make sure to stay hydrated. Take good sleep. Always keep yourself warm. Get outdoor during the daytime. These tips will help you to keep healthy in the winter season.

Which are Natural Sources?

We use fruits vegetables to eat which are Natural sources. Masala’s which we use in making foods are also Natural Sources. Herbal plants which are used to cure our health are also natural sources.

Fruits – Fruits are great sources of Nutrients. It contains lots of Vitamin C, Antioxidants, and Minerals. The fiber in fruits reduces our unnecessary hungriness.

We can include fruits in our regular diet. Apple is a fruit that contains lots of Vitamins and is very beneficial for health. Eating apple in a day keeps a doctor away, so eat an apple daily. This fruit is available all season.

Amla is also a great source of Vitamin C. We can eat amla daily in the form of Candies or Supari’s. Anyone can eat 1 Amla daily or you can drink Amla Juice.

Fruits are not only beneficial for your health and fitness it also help us to take care of our Hair & Beauty also. We can use fruits to message our skin. To improve hair growth and to prevent Hair loss, amla is the best fruit. You can use Amla powder on Hair and also on Skin.

Vegetables – Eating vegetables are more helpful in improving overall health. They are a good source of antioxidants and micronutrients with fiber. Vegetables have more health advantages.

Spinach is a green leafy vegetable that is a great source of Iron, Calcium, Magnesium, Vitamin K, and antioxidants.  Vitamin K is very essential for our bone health which helps in absorbing calcium.

Beets and Carrots are rich in color and very good sources of Potassium & Vitamin A. Vitamins A is good for our eyes, so improves eye health. Beet improved Heart health.

We can use salads and soup of vegetables to eat daily. Lots of variety of vegetables are found in the market. We can include it in our diet daily will help in improving our health.

Masala’s – Various masalas which we use for cooking vegetables and rice are also good sources of vitamins. Cumin Seeds helps in acidity, it fights bacteria and parasites. It helps in also weight loss due to antioxidants found in cumin seeds.

Dalchini lowers the risk of heart diseases and cancer. It fights infections. Helpful in skin problems. Dalchini also helps in weight loss management.

Turmeric contains anti-inflammatory properties, helps in arthritis, detoxifies the liver, boosts our immune system, Helps with Skin problems. It is also called a natural pain killer.

Herbal Plants – Herbal plants are very useful to cure ourselves Naturally. It contains various properties to cure our health. Adhulsa helps in curing cough problems. Arjuna helps with Heart problems.

Basil leaves are beneficial in reducing stress, improving immunity, strengthening bones, improves digestion. Peppermint relieves allergies, reduces headache, is antibacterial & treats bad breath.

Thus, you can find various natural sources are available in Nature that helps to cure our health Naturally. Keep reading and keep yourself healthy in a natural way.

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