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Natural Eyelash serum to thicken your eyelashes

Every girl or woman wants to thicken their eyelashes. All beauty mostly depends on our eyes.

As our eyes look beautiful, then the whole face looks more beautiful. One of the important parts of our face for beauty is the eye.

Whenever we see we use our eye contact and so that first we see the eyes of people. To enhance your eyes naturally and look more beautiful without using any chemical substances will be beneficial for everyone.

For that what you will try for beautiful eyelashes. Most girls find some products and apply them to their eyelashes.

In that cases, there are chances to use some products which you have been not asked your skincare expert, and using it can lead to fall eyelashes.

Hence eyelash is a very sensitive and important part of the body. We have to take care of that very consciously.

For that, I am here to somehow help to find out some natural remedies which will help you to thicken your eyelashes and get bright and long eyelashes.

Best oil for eyelash growth

You can use some oils on your lashes to take care of your eyelashes. One of the best oil which helps to increase growth and thicken eyelash is castor oil.

You can mix some amount of castor oil with coconut oil and apply this mixture safely on your lashes overnight.

After using this you will see the results after 6 months when you use it continuously on your eyelashes.

But before you use it, please avoid it should not contact with eyes, it may cause some irritation when you will apply it too much on eyelashes. So apply it slowly to protect your eyes.

You can also use olive oil on your eyelashes overnight. To use oil, you can slightly warm the oil and apply it on eyelashes.

Some suggest using vitamin e capsule into oil and mixing it to use on eyelashes. Instead of that, you can use also almond oil on your eyelashes which is natural vitamin E.

Does olive oil helps in growing eyelashes?

Olive oil contains a more nutritional value and is good for hair and skin. So if you can use it on eyelashes this may help you to improve the length and density of your eyelashes.

You can use any type of oil when you want to take care of your eyelashes regularly. Do not rub your eyes, as it falls down your lashes.

Can we grow eyelashes overnight or in a week?

There are some myths about you can grow your eyelashes in a week or overnight. It is not possible to grow your eyelashes after applying some natural ingredients.

You need to wait or make a routine to take care of your eyelashes and eye area daily so that you can see the good results on your eyelashes.

For this at least you have to use natural ingredients or oils daily for 6 months. Then you will get the benefits and will see your eyelashes are growing fastly and become thick as compared to your previous eyelashes.

Longer and thicker eyelashes at home

There are some natural remedies or natural ingredients which are available at home. Which will help you to grow eyelashes naturally.

You can use also natural eyelash serum or oils on your eyelashes to thicken your lash.

One of the best eyelash serums which are made from natural ingredients is Revamin Eyelash serum.

Revamin Eyelash serum

This serum is used for eyelashes and made from using high-quality natural ingredients. Following are the benefits due to natural ingredients available in this product giving great effects on Eyelash.

Biotin in Revamin Eyelash Serum

Biotin is a vitamin b that helps to maintain your healthy metabolism. It is one of the amino acids to build a protein. This has been used in several cosmetic products. Mostly it helps to strengthen hairs and nails. 

You can get biotin from natural foods like using lentils, chicken, fish, mushrooms, nuts, broccoli, banana. You can include this food daily in your diet so that it will help you to get more benefits to your body.

Due to biotin available in Revamin eyelash serum. It helps in hair growth so naturally and it helps to increase the growth of eyelashes.

Benefits of biotin for your eyelashes

  • It strengthens your eyelashes.
  • Helps in improving the structure of lashes
  • Lashes become thick when you apply them regularly.

Caffeine in Revamin Eyelash Serum

Caffeine is the substance everyone knows it is mostly found in coffee powder. There are so many face masks and face products which have been made from caffeine.

If you use natural coffee powder on the face this helps to repair your skin and increase skin glow. As it helps in also hair treatment as when you apply it, it helps in preventing hair loss.

But if you will use excess caffeine then there may be chances to increase in hair loss. It mostly helps in boosting your blood circulation in the body.

You can include coffee in your daily diet part so that it will help you in improving blood circulation in the body. Sometimes we are stressed out so much that time you can drink coffee to destress ourselves.

Benefits of Caffeine for your eyelashes

  • Helps in increasing hair growth
  • Due to antioxidant properties, all dust and toxins removed
  • Helps in reducing under eye shadows
  • Zinc in Revamin Eyelash Serum
  • Zinc is the substance that helps in repairing the tissue and its growth.

Hence as Zinc available in eyelash serum helps to repair the tissue and cells and helps to increase the growth of lashes.

In the American diet, Oyster is the best food which contains more zinc. While other foods like red meat and poultry products also contain zinc.

You can eat eggs, chicken to complete body zinc requirements. Also, beans, nuts like cashew, mushrooms, Oats, Corn, Broccoli contains zinc.

Benefits of Zinc for your eyelashes

  • It helps in improving hair structure
  • It helps to strengthen your eyelashes
  • Due to repairing tissue, it helps to increase eyelash growth.
  • Arginine in Revamin Eyelash Serum

Arginine is one of the amino acids found in keratin. It helps to repair hair breakage and hair loss. This works as a natural moisturizer and protects from damaging effects.

Foods that contain arginine are nuts, seeds, and dairy products. Oats also contain arginine. Flaxseeds, sunflower seeds, spinach, chocolate, almonds, peanuts contain also arginine.

Benefits of Arginine for your eyelashes –

  • It works as a moisturizer on skin and hair
  • Helps in reducing irritation
  • Helps to strengthen the lipid barrier

Panthenol in Revamin Eyelash Serum

Panthenol substance is vitamin B which is found in all hair products to repair the hair and skin. It helps to repair damaged hair and moisturizes the scalp and hair. It helps to strengthen hair hence it is used mostly in the products of hair care or skincare.

Panthenol is also a part of vitamin b hence it is also found in foods that contain vitamin B. Whole grain seeds, dairy products, meats, eggs, nuts, poultry food, seafood, broccoli, peanut, sunflower seeds, brown rice, oats contains panthenol.

Benefits of Panthenol for your eyelashes –

  • It gives soothing effects on hair.
  • Works as a natural moisturizer on scalp and hair
  • Repairs and prevents damage to hair.
  • Glycerine in Revamin Eyelash Serum

Glycerine is a sugar alcohol made from animal or vegetable oil. Vegetable glycerine is natural glycerine that is used in so many cosmetic products.

Glycerine is like a sugar substance that contains more carbohydrates. As you can use sugar as a natural substance for your skin and hair care. But so many companies provide natural glycerine which you can use for your beauty.

Glycerine is mostly used as a moisturizer and helps in minor irritations caused due to some reasons. It prevents skin dryness and roughness.

Benefits of Glycerine for your eyelashes

  • It helps to protects from harmful effects of any external factors.
  • It deeply conditions and moisturizes the lashes.
  • Regenerates the growth of lashes.

Sodium hyaluronate in Revamin Eyelash Serum

Sodium hyaluronate is found mainly found in animal-derived ingredients and also found in some vegetable sources. As a natural, it has been made by fermenting the vegetables like soybean or corn. So it is vegetable-based sodium hyaluronate which is a natural ingredient.

Benefits of Sodium hyaluronate for your eyelashes –

  • It helps to improve the condition of lashes
  • Moisturizes and strengthen the eyelashes
  • Urea in Revamin Eyelash Serum

By eating large amounts of protein foods like meat, fish, chicken, eggs, cheese, milk, and yogurt. Urea is made from natural gases which contain nitrogen.

It can be produced by a synthesis of ammonia and carbon dioxide. Urea is made synthetically and does not contain animal byproducts. Sometimes it causes irritation or allergic reaction. So before you use it taste it on your skin.

Benefits of Urea for your eyelashes –

  • It improves functions of the skin barrier
  • It naturally moisturizes your eyelashes

Revamin Lash tested an effective ingredient

Revamin eyelash serum is designed for the woman who wants long and thick eyelashes by using natural ingredients.

The reasons for thin eyelashes are –

  • Due to weather condition
  • Due to the use of heavy makeup on the eye
  • Rubbing the eyelashes regularly
  • Do not take care of eyes and maintain hygiene

Due to this, there are so many chances to reduce the growth and thickness of your eyelashes.

To avoid that you must have to take care of your eyelashes regularly.

Due to using the highest quality of natural ingredients available in the Revamin Eyelash serum, you can use it regularly to improve your eyelash growth.

This is a serum that contains natural ingredients and it is safe to use.

When you will apply it regularly you will see

Your eyelashes become thicker and longer.

Natural ingredients nourish lashes and give smooth effects on the skin.


It deeply moisturizes your lashes

Revamin Eyelash serum is tested and it is very helpful in improving the length and density of your eyelashes.

You can apply this morning and evening with the eyelash line.

This is safe to use because it contains natural ingredients and does not cause any side effects

You will see the results after 21 days when you use it regularly. When you use it consistently for 3 months, you will see the results.

You can use makeup after using this eyelash serum on your lashes.

The expiry date of this serum is after 3 months when you open this.

To know more about eyelash serum and want to buy these products click on the link below –

If you want to use natural eyelash serum and the product which is safe then go for the Revamin Eyelash serum

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