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How and when to eat fruits?

Fruits are a great source of vitamins and minerals. Various colors of fruits provide so many nutritions to our body. But there are some myths and the bad habits of eating fruits.

Fruit is a healthy part of any diet. It is rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Plus, it has no cholesterol or fats. And the best part is you can eat it at any time. But there are some rules to follow when you eat fruit.

Eat fruit before 1 hour of your meal

First of all, you have to eat fruits before 1 hour of meal. If not the fruit will be disturbing your digestion systems and it may lead to increase problems for your health.

Secondly, try to eat one fruit per day while eating other types of food like protein, vegetables, or carbohydrates that will balance your diet.

Finally, if you want to lose weight make sure you only eat whole fruits like apples with skin on them because they are rich in fiber which helps to keep your stomach full for longer periods.

Fruits that are rich in fiber helps to reduce your hungriness hence it helps in weight loss. Hence you can eat fruits like apples, bananas which are great sources of fiber and so many vitamins and minerals.

As always people say an apple keeps a doctor away. This is because all multivitamins and minerals are required for the body found in apples. Hence Apple is one of the best fruits which you can eat in any season.

So if you don’t have another fruit or you don’t like to eat other fruits, apple will be your best choice to eat daily fruit to include in your daily routine.

Do not eat fruit after a meal or eat after 2 hours of meal

It is better to eat fruit after your meal. When you eat your meal and eat fruit that will increase your other health issues. Because if you are doing the meal and have completed your requirements of food for the body.

Still, you are eating extra food will not help you to get the benefits from it. hence avoid eating fruit immediately when you have been completed your meal.

You can eat fruit after 2 hours of the meal so that this will get the time to digest your meal to the body. And after that, you can eat one fruit.

It is not harmful to eat fruits after a meal. You can eat fruit 2 hours after the meal and this will help you digest the food better.

In this article, we are talking about which time is good to eat the fruit in your daily routine. As people always say and the doctor also recommends that always eat fruits and vegetables for your good health.

Whenever sometimes you feel hungry you can eat a one fruit. But you need to maintain a gap into your meal to eat fruit.

Another way is to understand that when you feel hungry you need to eat something which will help you to reduce hungriness. In that case you can eat fruit and then you can take your meal.

Do not mix your fruit with Milk

As per Ayurveda, we don’t have to eat fruit with milk. Because the capacity of digesting milk and fruit is different.

When you will mix any fruit with the milk, it may cause gas problems and acidity problems. Hence avoid eating fruit with the milk to avoid digestion problems.

If you like to eat fruit with milk like a banana then you can add some cinnamon to digest milk and banana. Because the banana is heavy to digest and when you will mix it with milk, it will take a time to digest it.

Eat fruit before 12 pm

Some studies said that do not eat fruit after 12pm. You can eat fruit only in the morning. But there is not any evidence about that we should not eat fruit at the time of evening or night.

But sometimes happens that if you eat fruit at night, you can get acidity due to eating fruit. This may be depend on your habit. Sometimes, body do not respond when we change our eating habits.

Hence whatever eating habit you have, you need to follow this time to eat your fruit. You know more about your body.

Hence you will understand that when body is accepting what you eat and not accepting. Understand that and eat fruits accordingly.

Do not eat citrus fruit in the Morning

It is also said that you do not eat citrus types of foods in the morning. You can eat other fruit like banana, pears, peaches or apple.

Fruits which are light and warm in color and with more nutrition value, you can include this in the morning. Avoid using citrus fruits in the morning.

The citrus fruit contains acidic properties which may leads to increase in gastric problems or some allergies or may be increase acidity.

Do not mix fruit with vegetables

In studies, it is also suggested that do not mix any fruit with vegetables also. As with anything you mix, the digestive times of the fruit and vegetables are different. And the fruit contains sugar while vegetables are water-soluble nutrients and can be easily digested.

Hence you don’t have to mix the fruit with vegetables to eat. You can eat fruit separately.

Do not include it in your meal also. As what you eat in your meal and the fruit may have different digestion times. So you can eat fruit 1 hour before your meal so that it will digest and then you can have your meal.

Do not cook fruits to eat

As per studies, fruits do not need to cook and eat. You also do not mix the fruit with cheese or another type of food to cook and eat. It is always recommended that eat fruit as it is will be more beneficial for your body.  

At which time do we have to eat fruit?

This is the common question people always ask about this. Whenever you feel hungry and you are maintaining a gap in between your time of breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Then you can eat fruit which you like in between that time. As we said you can eat 1 hour before you eat or 2 hours after your meal.

Best fruits to eat on an Empty stomach

Fruits that are not vitamin c fruits or citrus fruits are sore in a taste. Avoid eating those fruits in the morning. You can eat fruit like Apple, Banana, Papaya, Peach, Pear, etc.

What is the best time of eating fruit?

You should eat the fruit in the morning, it is the best time because it helps to absorb all the nutrition from fruit to the body. Hence your body requirement for the day completes in the morning.

When you take asleep for 8 hours, you don’t have to eat anything at night and your body wants some vitamins and minerals in the morning. Hence studies said that eat fruits that don’t have citrus fruits you can eat them in the morning.

Which fruit you can eat at night?

Sometimes bananas cannot be suitable to eat at night. So you can avoid eating bananas at night. You can avoid eating fruit at night, as per Ayurveda eating fruit at night may be in-balance your digestive system.

Still, if you want to eat some fruit then you can eat fruits like Banana, Lettuce, Kale, Avocado, Cherries at night. This fruit can help you to improve your sleep at night. Mostly bananas can be eaten in the nighttime.

Which fruit you can eat every day?

To eat fruit every day, you can choose the fruit which is always available in the market. Most of the time, people who find the fruit in that particular season, can eat that fruit at that time.

Some people don’t like some fruits to eat. Hence, they can choose or make a choice which they like to eat fruit every day. There is a wide range of variety to eat fruit daily available in the market. Hence you can choose according to your choice and eat that fruit every day.

Sometimes, we bore due to eating one fruit daily. You can choose 5 fruits which you want to eat. If you are bored with one fruit then, chose another one to eat.

Mostly Apple and banana are the fruits which are available in any season. You can eat this fruit daily. And these fruits have a very nutrition value and good to taste. So, you can choose these fruits to eat.

Sometimes, people unable to eat fruit due to their teeth problems. At that time, they can choose some fruits which are very soft. You can eat Papaya, Watermelon, Banana, Mango, Dragon, custard apple fruit.

Another way to eat fruit is by making juice. If you want to drink a juice, you can simply grind the fruit into juicer and drink it whenever you want to eat. But it is better to eat fruit instead of drinking juice.

Is fruit helps in weight loss

Fruit can be helpful in weight loss due to Fiber. When you eat fruit, and due to fiber available in the fruit, it reduces hungriness.

Hence when we eat more fruit, we are not able to eat other food. We automatically reduce our food intake and this leads to weight loss.

This can help you to lose weight without any exercise. Hence you can include more fruits in your diet when you want to lose unnecessary weight.

When you eat fruit, chew it more and slow down your eating process. This will help you to digest your fruit and will get more nutrition value to your body.

It is important to give a time to eating fruit or whatever you eat you need to chew it more to keep you digestive system good and healthy.

So we have been seen that the fruits which you can eat separately and we cannot include any other food and mix it with other to eat. Hence we can eat only fruit separately before 1 hour of your lunch or after 2 hours of your lunch.

It is better to eat fruit in the morning instead of eating in the night. May this can be causes some health issues which you don’t want.

Hence to avoid that do not eat fruits in the night. Instead of that you can eat between your breakfast and lunch or you can eat it in between your lunch and evening breakfast.

Avoid mixing the fruits with other foods like milk or any other vegetables. Also do not cook fruit you can eat rough fruit directly because it digests easily while other fruits take time to digest.

Also avoid eating fruits which are citrus fruits in the morning. May be there are chances to get gastric or acidic problems due to the citrus fruit intake in the morning.

Also, you will see it will increase your hungriness and if you feel so hungry and immediately you want to eat something when you eat fruit. Eating fruits except citrus fruits in the morning, helps in improving your nutrition levels, vitamins and minerals which required daily for the body.

So, when you will eat these fruits in the morning, it will help you to boost your energy for the day. And you body and cell tissue will be healthy due to the vitamins and minerals absorbed by the body when you eat fruit.

You can drink fruit juice but instead of that you can choose to eat fruit directly.

When you chew fruit more, fruits digests well and nutrition absorption increase due to slowly chewing the fruit. It also helps in improving digesting your food.

Thus, you can take a benefit of eating fruit daily. Include atleast one fruit daily in your diet. You can eat at your convenient but atleast you need to eat one fruit daily.

You can include apple fruit easily in your diet. You can eat it in the morning or you can eat it in between your morning breakfast and lunch.

East whole apple in a day will provide you more nutrition value. You can also eat banana if you don’t want to eat apple. Banana is also good source of vitamin. But some people have allergy of banana, so they can choose another fruit to eat.

There are so many fruits to eat like Grapes, Guava, Pears, Peach, Papaya, Apple, Kiwi, Dragon, Avocado, Pomegranate, Pine-apple, Custard-Apple, Watermelon, melon. Choose what fruit you like and eat fruit daily to improve your beauty with your wellness naturally.

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