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Really, it’s a truth that Vitamin C is very essential for our body, and let’s see How it helps every disease to recover fast?

Vitamin C helps to boost our immune system and rejuvenate our cells. It is also known as ascorbic acid. This is necessary and helps in the development of body tissues. It helps in the growth of body cells.

Vitamin C naturally repairs our skin due to it helps in the formation of collagen. Helps to absorb iron and improves the immune system. It is good for our skin, hair, wound healing, bones, and teeth also.

So, Vitamin C helps in reducing the risk of heart disease and chronic disease. Prevents iron deficiency. Boosts our immunity and helps in the development of new body cells and tissues.

How does Kiwi & Strawberry help in Vitamin C deficiency?


Small fruit in green color sweet and sour in taste which has plenty of health benefits. Kiwi fruits are now available in all countries due to various experiments done in the agriculture industry.

Kiwi fruit contains full of nutrients like Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamin K & Potassium.  Due to lots of antioxidants found in Kiwi, it is very beneficial for health. Small black seeds inside the Kiwi with green peel inside are eatable.

Kiwi can find from May to November season. Due to various health benefits in Kiwi, demand is increased in the Market.

Kiwi Benefits 

For Skin – Collagen helps to Strengthen Bones and Supports the whole body to prevent Aging. Obviously, Skin health improves by eating Kiwi. Vitamin C in Kiwi helps to look your skin fresh & younger.

Hence skin looks healthy & hydrated. It repairs Acne & Pimples on the face and body. Reduce sebum production in pores. Apply Kiwi juice or extract with aloe vera gel and leave for 15 to 20 mins on the skin for better results.

Digestion – Due to the plenty of fiber found in Kiwi, it is good for digestion. Actinidin enzyme found in Kiwi helps to break down protein.

Immune System – Vitamin C has an important role in cellular function and protecting cells from free radical damage in the body. The high concentration of vitamin C in kiwis can do wonders for the immune system.  Vitamin C is responsible for the growth and repair of tissues and provides support for the immune system.

Lots of Vitamin C and full of antioxidants are helpful to boost the immune system. Kiwis are effective in Cold & flu-like diseases to develop the immune system.

Stress & Depression – Due to free radicals and bad bacteria in your body, stress increases. This results in the breakage of DNA in the body and leads to increase health problems.

Due to fast life and stressed life, oxidative stress increases. So many people suffer from Stress & Depression. Kiwi helps to reduce oxidative stress. Vitamin C & lots of Antioxidants are found in Kiwis and this helps to reduce depression & Stress.

A study tested people’s cells that are damaged by DNA, supplemented with kiwi has improvements found in DNA repair. This means that Kiwi helps to prevent cancer like the colon which is closely linked to DNA damage.

Asthma – Wheezing, and breathlessness are the most common symptoms relating to this condition of Asthma. Kiwi also helps in treating Asthma. Beneficial effects found on the lung function who eats Kiwi regularly. So, it’s good to reduce cough in the body.

Blood Pressure – Due to bioactive substances found in Kiwi, provide an extra boost to manage our blood pressure.

It also helps to reduce blood clotting. Eating two or three Kiwis reduces fat found in the blood. Without negatively affecting blood cholesterol levels, helps to prevent from clotting of blood.

Vision Loss – Some studies found that Kiwi Protects against vision loss. Zeaxanthin and lutein found in Kiwis prevent macular degeneration. These two compounds perform like anti-oxidants and help to form Vitamin A and essential nutrients for your eyes.

Arthritis – By consuming Kiwi, bromelain is released into the bloodstream which helps to reduce inflammation and prevent it from other diseases like Stroke & heart disease. A high amount of vitamin C can also fight against free radicals.

Weigh loss – Kiwi is an alkaline fruit low in calories and a high amount of fiber. This makes a perfect snack for the morning breakfast. Vitamin C plays a major role in weight reduction.


Berry Fruit, red in color called strawberry. These species are mainly found in North America & Chile

The fruit is very Juicy and dark in red color. This fruit is a rich source of Vitamins C & Lots of Antioxidants.
Strawberry fruit is sour and sweet in taste. Due to the fruit texture (Shape) and color, it looks very sweet & Beautiful. When we see this fruit nobody will stop to buy it.

Due to the richness of Vitamin C and lots of Antioxidants, it is very healthy to eat during our regular diet. So everyone has to include this fruit in our Diet Daily.

The color Red shows that fruit is very beneficial for our health. According to science, fruits & vegetables which are dark in color are good for health & they have lots of Vitamins & Minerals.

It contains also alpha hydroxy acid, Vitamin B9, and Magnesium, strawberry helps to control our blood sugar level and keep our health healthy, and also it is beneficial for our beauty also.

Strawberry has lots of Vitamin C due to that it makes our skin fresh and healthy. Due to a rich source of Vitamin C, our skin glows naturally. When we apply this strawberry to the daily routine of our life.

Strawberry Benefits

The use of strawberries in the daily routine of our life is very beneficial to keeping our bodies healthy and fresh. We will find lots of benefits of strawberries here. Applying Strawberry juice, on our cracked heels repair cracks, removes dark spots from the skin, and keeps your teeth clean and white.

Dark under-eyes – Proper Sleep is the main reason to become under-eye dark. If you are not taking proper sleep due to overexertion and stress, your under-eyes color turned into black. Daily hectic life and routine make our bodies unhealthy. That appears on our skin due to tiredness

You can use strawberry juice by mixing it with aloe vera juice. And apply it to your under-eye area daily at night before you sleep will help you to reduce dark-colored under-eyes.

Acne-Pimple Skin – If someone has acne or pimples on the skin then you can also apply strawberry juice to your face. It will help you to reduce your acne and pimples after a few days. Due to Vitamin C in strawberries, skin becomes healthy. And it helps to reduce our Acne-Pimples and also dust on your skin disappears after applying this strawberry juice.

Dull Skin – Few people’s skins become dull due use of heavy chemical creams applied on the face. Our Skin quality depends on our daily schedule our food diet and the routine of our work and exercise. These are the main reasons because of our skin and health problems.

Due to this stressful life, everyone cannot get a proper and good sleep which is also very important to live healthily. because of all these reasons health & skin problems are increasing day by day. So we have to keep our body healthy by doing a proper diet plan, Exercising, and Great Sleep.

In case, if you found that your skin is turning dull, you can apply natural ingredients to your skin to look it skin fresh and natural.

Strawberry is a rich source of Vitamin C and antioxidants which will help you to reduce your skin problems when you will start to apply it to your skin.

Use strawberry juice, Aloe-vera juice, and cucumber and mix it well. Apply this on your skin or face for 20 to 25 mins before your sleep. One thing is important is that the body starts repairing itself when you sleep. So if you will apply something which is beneficial for your body before you sleep, then it will help to body repair it fast because the body starts repairing itself at night and absorbs all nutrients into cells. Rinse the face with water after 30 mins and then take a good sleep.

Skin with Fine Lines – Due to the aging process fine lines appears on our face To reduce fine lines, apply strawberry juice with sugar and rub it on your face for 15 mins and leave it for 15 mins as it is. This will help you to remove dead skin and black spots. Due to Vitamins C skin will become tight and fine lines will be disappeared in a few days.

Use this twice daily for best results in Morning & Night. You will find that dark age spots Lines, are becoming light slowly and skin will become fresh and radiant. So strawberry juice is best for removing the aging effects of Skin. Use it and see the natural glow of your skin. Dark feet and Crack of Heel – If you have dark feet and your heel is cracked then rub Sugar with Strawberry Juice. Dust will be removed from the cracked heel and it will be repaired. Use aloe vera gel after this to keep feet smooth and soft.

So eat Kiwi and strawberries and improve your health to enhance your beauty.

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