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How to keep our daily routine to live Life Happily?

Everyone has their own plan for the day. Everyone starts the day by making a list of working in the mind. Immediately we feel some tiredness when we think this is too much work done today.

So, we must change this habit and start our day by thinking good in the morning.

Positive affirmations

What things will keep me happy. Think that in your morning dream to keep you Happy. You can say some positive affirmations to yourself that you feel Happy. Think like your dream comes to going to be true.

Listening Music

You can also listen to some Music which will feel to be energized. Read some Motivation Sentences, watch some Natural Videos to feel Calm, etc.

Growing Plants

Growing Plants is also a good remedy to stay you Happy and Healthy. Anyone could start Planting in their Garden / Balcony / Teres so if you are interested go for it. When we come to closer with Nature, we always forget ourselves, we forget our pains and our work. 

I always start my day firstly by Watering my Plants and seeing how the Plants are Growing slowly.

Watch motivational videos

We can listen to some Motivational Podcasts, Motivational Videos to get ourselves Happy.


If you have a Writing Habit you can Start writing in the morning to lift yourself.


After that, you can do some Warmup Exercise / Yoga / Dance / Meditation. Exercise is very important in our life to make ourselves Energized and to Increase Positivity.

Then Have a Tea/Coffee & Snack as per your routine and refresh yourself. And now you are ready for your work. During the work try to take a break after 2hrs period which will help you to feel calm and get refreshment in between that time.

Eat your Lunch & Snacks Properly. Do not forget to drink water in between your working hours. Sometimes we forget to drink water during worktime. Water is Important to our body and it will be consumed in a day as you can. (Mostly doctor suggests 8 to 9 glasses of Water for the Day).

After you finish your work you can refresh yourself with Snacks. Try to involve your Hobby in your daily routine. So, when you are free, enjoy your Hobby like Gardening, Singing, Reading Books, or Writing as you can.

Then go for a Dinner as always prefer to take Dinner as early as possible. And then Go for Walk in the Night to rest yourself. You can do meditation before your sleep to make yourself Calm and Relax to Sleep. Your body can sleep but the Mind needs to sleep in the night. You can listen to Calming Music or See Nature’s pictures during Sleep.

That’s your Day how you can Energize yourself to keep yourself Happy and to Stay Healthy. Nature is always with us to keep us Happy.  SO, try to Keep a few times to live with Nature to Stay Happy & Healthy.

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