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How to get fresh and glowing skin?

Everyone is struggling with this problem. When we see into the mirror first question of our mind is my skin is looking dull. What to do? How to get a natural glow to my skin? How do I get Glowing Skin? How do I keep my Skin fresh? So and so on questions came to mind and we increase our tension.

Most of the time Looking at skin dull because of our diet and regular routine? We never look at how we are eating food and what we are eating food. If your health will good then also your skin will look also good.

3 Important & best tips for Glowing Skin.

Some of the good and easy tips to keep in your mind are that regular exercise will help you to keep your skin fresh. Due to excessive sweating during exercise, all free radicals are removed from our Skin.


Exercise increases our blood circulation in the body and this helps to glow our skin and looks fresh & healthy. So, try to do some exercise daily if you want a natural fresh glow on your skin.

Exercise not only changed your body but it changes your mood, mind, and attitude.

Drinking plenty of water

Drinking plenty of water is very important. Try to drink enough water daily. Regularly you have to at least drink 7 to 8 glasses of water to keep your body hydrated.

Drinking water helps your body & skin hydrated and helps you to keep your food fresh. You can drink taking a small amount of water at a time regularly.

Water carries nutrients and oxygen to your body cells. It flushes bacteria from your bladder. Which helps you to aid good digestion. This protects your tissues and organs from bad bacteria.

If you have other problems with skin like acne, pimples, etc. Do not forget to drink a sip of water regularly to keep your skin good.

Drink water to get healthy Skin, better mood, more energy with weight loss.

Eat lots of fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables contain lots of micronutrients, vitamins, and minerals. Which helps to complete our essential body needs. Skin looks fresh when it is healthy and nutritional.

Antioxidants found in fruits and vegetables protect skin from free radicals. Free radicals damage our skin. To avoid this and to remove free radicals from the body, you have to increase of intake of fruits & vegetables instead of Junk and dead food.

Include all fruits and vegetables which are available in that season. Seasonable fruits do not affect our bodies. Unless it helps to improve our body stamina and skin health.

You can eat daily Salad or Soups. You can make salad from Carrots, Cucumber, Broccoli, Spinach, etc. You can make Soups of Tomato or vegetables.

Fruits & Vegetable contains lots of fiber. People who eat lots of fruits & vegetables have a fresh & attractive skin glow.

Skin color varies across the world but if we eat healthy and fresh food, our skin texture and color improve and it looks attractive.

Fill your plate with the Colour of fruits & vegetables. Eating this will improve your colour of your skin.

Taking good sleep

Taking good sleep for your Skin. Sleep rebalances your body and helps in moisturizing skin naturally. Due to good sleep, the body starts repairing health and skin.

Sleeping 8 hours daily helps to keep your overall body calm. Sleep helps in nourishing Skin. Sleep improves skin collagen and blood circulation improves skin glow.

Taking good sleep reduces fine lines and wrinkles. Due to sleep eye looks fresh and puffy. You can see this benefit when you take a great sleep.

Early to bed and early to rise makes everyone healthy, wealthy & wise.

Your Skin and your body go into repair mode when you sleep.

Natural tips to glow your skin Naturally.

Let’s see a few Face packs to increase your face Glow.

Face pack with Besan floor & Turmeric

Ingredients – Pinch of Turmeric, 1tsp Besan floor, Rose Water, 1tsp Lemon Juice, Vitamin E capsule.

Procedure – Mix all ingredients well. Add rose water to make a thick paste. Apply this paste to your Neck & Face. A message with the help of your fingertips for 15 to 20 minutes.

Keep this Face pack for around 25 to 30 minutes to dry it on your skin. Wash it with lukewarm water.

Apply this face pack in the Night-time to get good effects on the skin. You can use cold water to make a Paste. It will help you to minimize your skin pores.

This pack will improve your skin color and turmeric in the pack will help to remove infections from the Skin. Due to Besan Floor, Skin texture improves & minimizes fine lines on the skin.

Vitamin E helps to moisturize your skin. Lemon contains lots of Vitamin C which help to reduce inflammation, brightens the skin. Stimulates collagen production and repairs acne scars.

Face pack with Raw Milk & Multani powder

Ingredients – 1 tsp Multani powder, Raw Milk, 1tsp Tomato Juice.

Procedure – Mix Multani powder & tomato juice with Raw Milk. Make a thin paste. Take Ice cube tray and keep this paste into the ice cube tray. Keep this tray in the refrigerator to prepare ice cubes.

Use these ice cubes daily in the morning to clean your face. This will be used as a cleanser for your face. Apply this daily on the skin and see the cleansing effects on your skin.

By this pack, all dust will be removed from your face and your face will look fresh and glowing.

Raw Milk treats Acne, its tights your skin and moisturizes skin. It exfoliates your skin and makes skin brighter and fresh.    

Multani powder helps to unclog skin pores and reduces excess oil secretion on the skin. It removed sun Tanning and prevents breakouts.

Tomato acts as a Sunscreen and hence helps in Sun Tanning. Removes dark spots due to Vitamin C. It increases your complexion. Cleanses your skin and works as a natural bleaching agent.

So, apply this daily when you need to wash your face, instead of face wash you can use this pack on your skin.

Face pack with Honey & Masoor Dal

Ingredients – 1tsp Masoor Dal powder, 1tsp Honey, 1tsp Lemon Juice

Procedure – To make a Masoor dal powder, soak it into the water overnight and grind it to get a thick paste. Mix all ingredients and make a Paste. Apply this paste after cleansing your face.

Message the face with your fingertips from an upward direction. Message for 15 to 20 mins. Keep this pack for 25 to 30 mins on your skin. Wash face with lukewarm water.

To get the best results, apply this face pack before your going to bed. At night, the body starts repairing itself and if we use a pack, vitamins are absorbed by the skin helps to improve skin complexion.

Masoor dal is a rich source of proteins and minerals so helps to improve skin complexion and increases collagen. To remove dead skin, Masoor dal is used as a scrubber. Helps to remove wrinkles and fine lines.

Honey is a good cleansing agent. It exfoliates the skin and moisturizes skin, Relieves tired skin. It prevents Acne and helps to enhance skin glow. Honey hydrates the skin without making the Oily skin.

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