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How to Destress Yourself at Home?

Today’s life is a very Hectic life and we all suffer from stress. But stress is not good for our health. If it can be increased it is dangerous to our life. Various other health symptoms increase due to stress.

What is a Stress?

Stress means Pain & Fear inside your mind due to heavy work or it may be another reason. Emotional fear when we feel to lose something in our life. Emotional & physical tension in our life is Stress.

So, to recharge our body is important in our free time. Mostly holiday is a free time for us. At that time try to do some physical activity like playing outdoor games, going outside for a trip, Plant trees, Living with your family and friends, trying something which you like and which you can enjoy. That will help you to relieve your stress.

Stress also leads to an increase in Weight. So then another stress of you will be for your weight loss tension. This will increase your tension about weight loss. And if Weight will increase, there are maybe chances to get another disease to you. So it is better to recover your Stress as early as possible. Here are some tips to decrease your stress.

Listening to Music

When you feel you are very uncomfortable then you can listen to music which you like. It could be Bollywood, Hollywood music or any Natural Music which you can feel to relax after listening.

Watching Movies – You can also watch good comedy movies which bring you a smile on your face.


If any person is interested in Painting. Then you can spend your free time doing Painting.


Writing is one of my good Hobbies. If you can then you can write anything like movie stories etc.


You can also read the books which you like. Reading various books which will give you a good path and direction in your life.


Some people love to Dance. So, you can join the Dance Classes on the weekend to enjoy yourself.


Singing is also a good hobby. Any type of singing you can do at home or you can join the Class. Bollywood Singing, Classical, Bhajan, etc are the types, choose which you like. It is not important that you have to be a good voice for it. it is important how you can enjoy it.

Instrumental Classes

If you like and love to Play Music on an Instrument. Various Instrumental classes are also available in the city.


You can join Yoga classes. Yoga is also a good medium to keep ourselves away ourself from diseases.

It is very important that what you can like, love, and enjoy is your Hobby. And you have to keep that Hobby to destress yourself. So many things are available near to us but we have to find what our exact interest in it.

To destress yourself first find your interest and passion and do that on your weekend holiday. So, you will keep yourself motivated and your all-day’s life will be motivated to make you happy. The important thing is you will be happy if You will try to make yourself happy.

Helping ourselves is the first step for us to Stay and Live Happily. Find your Pain points. Then find your Interest and passion then Enjoy your Hobby. And Keep you Happy.


Everyone does know What is Meditation? Or how to do it. But it makes a very important role in your life. To motivate yourself meditation is very important to keep us positive.

To get a positive attitude in our life, we have to meditate daily. Meditation is simple, just we have to close our eyes and we have to concentrate on our breathing. To concentrate you can count when you inhale and exhale. This will increase your concentration and will keep your mind stable and calm. You can meditate for 10mins. You can meditate at any time.

Meditating in the Morning and Night before Sleep will keep you motivated for the whole day. You can meditate in-between also when you feel down.

Healthy Diet

Eating healthy is also very important which helps to keep you fresh and active for the day. Increase Fruits & Vegetables in your daily diet. Fruits are a good source of Vitamins and Minerals and help to detoxify our body. You can eat Vegetables in the form of Soup or Salad. You can eat Fruits or you can make Juice.

Using Salad during the meal is also good to digest your food. So, include Salad fruits like Tomato, Radish, Cucumber, Onion, Beetroot, Carrot, etc. You can add also Curd or Buttermilk to your Lunch. Which will keep your body cool. Drink proper Water during the day. (8 to 9 glasses of water).


So many times exercise is not possible on Weekdays. Due to our regular tight schedule, we don’t get time to exercise. At least we have to keep 15mins for exercise. You have to find a way how you can manage this in the Morning. If not possible in the Morning then Evening. Or you can go on a night walk after dinner.

Good Sleep – Sleep is very important to us. When you take a good sleep then you feel fresh the next morning. After dinner take a small Walk then meditate yourself and go to Sleep. Which will help in relaxing your mind and your body. It is important that the Mind also needs to be Calm and Relax during Sleep. A few times we sleep but our Mind starts more thinking at night which is not good for our health.

Enjoy your Day – When you start your Morning start thinking Positive, See Good things will boost your energy. Live your day like your last day. When your day will be Good then your Life will be automatically Very Good.

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