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How to control your Mind and Thoughts?

This is a difficult time when we have to control our minds to do some things or to control doing some things around us. But you can listen to your brain when your mind does not find what is right and wrong. Our brain is a very good source to control our minds. The brain contains lots of knowledge and our experiences which helps us to what to do or what to not.

Actually, we cannot control our mind but if our brain will in a picture when the mind acts, automatically the brain will pull down if you are taking some wrong action.

For example, when we are trying to wake up early but are not able to do it because of our Habits. And you decided now to wake up early and get some time for you to meditate and exercise to keep you healthy.

At that time when the brain gives the instruction to your mind that exercise and meditation are good to improve your health and sleeping for day long is a bad habit then your mind can be controlled and start to react to what the brain says.

That will happen when we started to increase your knowledge to boost your brain. All good and bad habits are stored in a brain as per our experiences and that experience decides what is good and what is bad.

Thinking Process

The good and bad thing is all about our thinking process on our experiences and the knowledge that we get. So, we have to increase your knowledge to clear out your right vision. When you do that automatic mind will listen to you.

Most people only decide things and keep them aside to change the daily routine. But if you have to decide then you need to take any action for that. And if you start taking an action, it will gradually happen to change the daily routine.


Our Lifestyle is the biggest enemy of Stress. If we will change our lifestyle and daily routine habits. All life will be simple and easy. Keeping yourself with Nature is the best way to control your mind. So, try to make your every day with the presence of Nature will be good for your health of the mind.

You have to win yourself by controlling the mind. At the start, it will be difficult but if you will do it as a habit you will find the difference between you before this and now. Different things are happening nearby us and that affects us on our mind.

Taking care of the mind is very important to improve your Mind’s health. If you are strong with Mind then obviously you will strong with your health. If your health and mind are good then automatically wealth will come.

Never say that Mind is not listening to yours. It depends on you how to take control of your mind. Try to take control of your mind before your mind takes control of you which is not good for us.

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