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Do you know what is Nature’s gift?

Let’s see here how nature is blessed us with lots of plant food to eat and which helps us to improve and boost our immunity naturally so it is called Natural Immunity Booster. This is our Nature’s admirable Gift to us.

Natural immunity booster means Naturally body prevents external bacteria and viruses which causes the disease to our body. You can boost immunity at home naturally and instantly.

Let’s first know about Immunity and then see how we can boost our immunity naturally. Immunity is the body’s ability to prevent pathogens means disease-causing by bacteria and viruses.

To develop a Natural Immunity and in-home, we need to eat healthy and nutritious food. Healthy means seasonable which is available in Nature like fruits and vegetables. This helps us to improve our body functions and which helps in building natural immunity at home.

5 natural ways to boost immunity

Plant-based foods helps as Natural Immunity Booster.

To boost immunity instantly and naturally, we need to improve our daily eating habits. The first thing to do is eating plant bases food which helps us to keep healthy and helps in fighting bad bacteria.

Plant-based food means using fruits, vegetables, lentils, nuts, seeds including our diet helps to boost your immunity at home. This food is very nutritious and due to that what body needs to function well fulfills through this food and you will be able to improve your immunity naturally.

Plants-based food contains lots of antioxidants and multi-minerals which help to remove free radicals from our body. This food Naturally cleanses our body organs and cells which helps us to protects our body from bad bacteria. 

So, include and try to eat more and more plant bases food. Avoid junk and processed food into your diet is the first step to your life. Improving immunity means we are trying to take a precaution to keep our body away from the diseases.

Try to build this good habit in your daily routine will help you to boost immunity naturally and get passive immunity.

Let’s see the immunity booster foods.

Immunity booster foods are citrus foods and foods that contain lots of Vitamin C. Amla, Orange, Lemon, Kiwi, Grapes, Tomatoes are great sources of antioxidants and Vitamins C foods, Include these fruits into your diet to boost your immunity naturally. Still, there is no evidence that Vitamin C food helps to improve immunity but if we eat vitamin C food which helps us to keep well and healthy.

Broccoli, Capsicum, Garlic, Ginger, Spinach, papaya also helps to boost immunity. You can also include turmeric and green tea. If you will take a variety of Vitamins, Minerals, and antioxidants through natural food, then it will help you to boost your immunity naturally.

Our immunity is harmed by an unbalanced diet. The immune system is weakened by the consumption of processed and artificially flavored meals. Include nutritionally balanced and plant-based supporting foods in your diet to naturally increase immunity.

Exercise regularly

Another point is that in the morning, do exercise daily. Exercise daily improves our body’s blood flow which helps in reaching the blood to our various organs and gets enough oxygen to our whole body.

To improve & boost immunity instantly, you have to do exercise daily in the morning.

Try to make half an hour for exercise daily is very important. Morning breathe is very important, in the morning air, we get fresh and clean oxygen helps to energize our whole body.

Go for a morning walk in the Garden or ground to get fresh oxygen from the air to refresh your whole body. You will feel this when you start going for a walk in the morning.

Walking on grass without chappal gets lots of benefits. Nature, which heals naturally. This is also one Natural technique that helps our healing.

People who are disconnected from Nature and environments have low energy levels. To increase our energy, it is essential to connect with Nature. To get passive immunity naturally, it is important to connect with nature which helps to improve body functions with immunity

You will find yourself happy when you will start enjoying Natural things in your life. When we go barefoot on grass this helps in improving mental illness. To increase our natural immunity, we have to keep ourselves healthy in all aspects. Due to emotional not well being increases the health issues.

So, to keep our emotional well-being love nature, and keep your time with nature. Nature helps to stimulate all body functions. Create hobbies like go to the garden, visit Natural places, Plant trees. This helps you to heal Naturally.

If you will Walk in the morning daily. You will feel very energized throughout the day and this will help you to keep healthy and happy.

Due to the morning walk, we get fresh oxygen to our bodies. And oxygen level of the body increases due to blood flows oxygen through your all organs.

To boost natural immunity by Yoga, doing pranayama is also a very great source to increase oxygen levels in your body. Oxygen is one of the main sources of a body to keep us well.

Include a few pranayams in your daily routine. Inhale and exhale, Kapal Bhati pranayama is the best yoga exercise to include your routine part. At least take 10 minutes to do pranayama in the morning.

You can do pranayama whenever you are free in between the day. This increases your body’s oxygen levels. This is the best way to boost immunity by yoga exercise.

Use a balloon for breathing exercises. This helps to improve your respiratory functions and respiratory muscle strength. Just below the balloon which is very good for your lungs.

You can also breathe normally and count the breathing will also help in increasing oxygen levels in the body. Meditation helps to relax and calm your organs. And due to Inhale and Exhale improves oxygen quality.

When you will feel relax and calm, all body organs works properly and this helps to repair body naturally.

Relaxing and keep free from tension is a very important role for wellness. Try and find the easiest techniques to keep yourself relax daily.

Yoga, exercise keeps you calm. So, include this as part of your life and feel energetic throughout the day without worries and tensions. Take advantage of Yoga exercise and boost your immunity by Yoga.

Immunity is harmed by a lack of exercise. As a result, daily exercise is critical for increasing blood flow in the body and nourishing our immune system. To strengthen your immunity, exercise for at least 30 minutes each day.

Drink plenty of water

Water also plays a very important role to keep our body’s immunity well. Drink plenty of water do not use refrigerator water to drink. Instead of drink normal or warm water to drink.

Water helps to carry oxygen to your body cells which are good to improve functioning systems. It also removes toxins from our bodies.

Water keeps our body hydrated. Drinking water will keep mucus membrane and throat moist which is good for all microbes.

Drinking water helps to flush out toxins and cleanses the body, which aids in the development of a strong immune system. Water hydrates the body while also removing bacteria and pollutants naturally. All waste is flushed with water, causing us to become disinfected.”

Take a good sleep

Adequate sleep also a major part to keep your body healthy. In-adequate sleep increase body illness. During the night when we sleep, the body starts repairing the body inside.

 If we will not take asleep, it will disturb the function of the body and this leads to increase emotional illness. So, take a great sleep also plays a major role to boost our immunity.

You can use various sleep techniques to improve your sleep. At least we need to sleep for 8 to 9 hours daily. Start doing meditation the night before you sleep.

This will help you to improve your sleep and keeping your mind calm and relax. You can boost immunity by Ayurveda by taking ayurvedic remedies.

To improve sleep and boost immunity, ayurvedic remedies are available on the market. Which will help you to destress yourself naturally and also helps to boost your immunity to get natural passive immunity.

You can listen to relaxing & calming music before your sleep. Listen at least for 30 to 40 minutes to calm your mind. This will also help you to improve your sleep.

Another technique is to write down daily which good experiences you find in your day. Writing is also good to improve your nervous functions.

And when you will write down your overthinking will be minimized and it leads to improve your sleep.

Making a to-do list daily and dumping list also improves to keep your mind calm and relax. So, try to make a daily habit to write down whenever you get time this will help you in improving sleep.

Try to make your room dark at night. Due to light exposure we unable to sleep. So, off all the lights in the night and close all windows before you sleep.

One of the ayurvedic remedy is to use nutmeg powder.

Drink hot milk adding a pinch of nutmeg powder also helps to feel sleepy. Use it when you are unable to sleep. Please note that ask an ayurvedic expert if you want to use this remedy.

Long and irregular napping in a day can affect badly on your sleep. Avoid this and if you really want to nap in a day then sleep for 20 to 30minutes only.

Try to sleep in consistent time schedule. Make a daily routine and time to sleep and wake up.

The use of aroma oils is also a good source to increase your sleep. Use orange oil or lavender essential oil for relaxation and sleep. This improves our quality of res     

This is how we can get a good sleep using various techniques and methods. These are simple and good steps to follow in your routine and you will find exactly how you can feel sleepy by one of the techniques.

Sleep is essential for the improvement of all bodily functions. As a result, getting a decent night’s sleep is critical. Sleep deprivation and interruptions make people feel uncomfortable and unwell. Make it a habit to obtain a good night’s sleep to boost your immunity.

Boost Immunity by Herbs and Ayurveda

To boost & improve immunity by Ayurveda, the use of giloy juice is very helpful. So, include giloy juice or kadha in your diet to boost your immunity. Do not forget to ask your Ayurveda expert to include any remedy in your routine.

Other ayurvedic kadha’s and juices are also available to build our immunity instantly and fast. Building and boosting immunity by Ayurveda do not give any side effects.

Improving immunity by Ayurveda or herbs means to improve all body functions. This helps to remove our body doshas naturally.

In Ayurveda, also another techniques like basti, nasya, massage therapy to remove doshas and cleanse body inside naturally.

Various natural herbs and ayurvedic remedies are used to remove and cleanse the body internally. So use that benefit in your life.

Also, natural oils are also used to massage the body. This is a natural healing process. Tulsi is also helpful to built immunity. Use tulsi, giloy juice, and ginger and make a Kadha using water will help to cleanse the respiratory system.

The use of Long term antibiotics and medicines also weakens immunity. The imbalance of metabolism and hormonal functions affects immunity. It is important to include herbs and ayurvedic remedies to cure ourselves which does not give any side effects to our body.

To boost our immunity, it’s necessary to avoid long-term medications and incorporate a variety of herbs and natural therapies.

In a nutshell, follow the 5 steps given below.

It will help you to boost your immunity naturally.

  1. It is critical to include natural plant-based foods such as fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts, and seeds in your diet to ensure that your body receives all of the nutrients it requires.

2. Daily exercise improves body blood flow, allowing oxygen to reach all body cells and assisting in the delivery of fresh oxygen to our organs.

3. Get a decent night’s sleep. Attempt to get at least 8 to 9 hours of sleep each night. During sleep, cells begin to repair themselves, which aids in the equilibrium of hormones.

4. Include ayurvedic remedies or kadha’s and avoid long-term antibiotics because they harm our bodies and cause negative effects.

5. Herbs and natural essential oils can assist our bodies to work better and keep us well.

Take advantage of these behaviors to naturally enhance your immunity and don’t forget to respond or remark. Our vision is to the increasing the importance of Natural sources and Nature in our life. If you are struggling with a Career then check the Career coaching website to get help in career coaching with positive psychology (visit – satyapv.com).

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