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How are you? Are you feeling more energetic today?

Hope you are doing well now.

Have you wake up early and exercised today?

Started your day with a glass of warm water?

I think you have started…

So, let’s talk today about gardening.


Do you know how gardening can be a good hobby for your health?

Any person can do gardening.

No, don’t worry I will explain you and we will do gardening together.

In everyone’s house, there is a Basil plant (Tulsi).

Planting Tulsi or Basil Plant

Why we start with planting Tulsi.

You have observed that your mother always do pujas of a Tulsi.

Tulsi is auspicious in Indian country.

Tulsi provides good health for us.

In India, every house has a Tulsi Plant.

You know how tulsi is beneficial for our health.

Tulsi is an ayurvedic plant that is used in ayurvedic medicine.

It has lots of health benefits.

You can use it in Ayurvedic Kadha or make Herbal Tea.

This tea or Kadha is very helpful in respiratory diseases.

We get relief from the cough problem if we use this daily in our diet.

You can eat tulsi leaves daily for your better health.

So, plant this Tulsi in your house and use it in your daily routine for your good health.

You plant tulsi easily anywhere in a small pot.

You can buy a small clay pot or truck. Add some soil into it. Add some organic fertilizer to it. then plant some seeds inside and spray water slightly.

Start with tulsi leaves then plant some Fenugreek and coriander in a tray. Keep these plants in proper sunlight.

Daily give water to the plants. And see how they are growing.

You will see that you are enjoying planting trees.

Then you can plant more plants like tomatoes, brinjals, capsicum, etc. in your garden.

planting trees

Benefits of Gardening and Planting Trees

You will feel happier and more energetic when you will do gardening.

And once you will see the plants are grown, you can use these vegetables for cooking.

Start doing gardening, you have lots of variety to do gardening.

Choose whatever you want to plant in the garden.

You can plant flower plants if you like to see flowers and love flowers.

Various other types of show plants are available in the nursery.

Or simply you can plant what you eat.

This is the best practice and you will also get fresh food.

Some researchers found that doing gardening has lots of health benefits.

If you have a place if any small space, then you can use that place for your gardening.

It will help in improving your mood. And this is a hobby which is very easy and no need to spend so much money on it.

With this hobby, you will not get only fresh food to it but also you will enjoy planting.

Your stress will be reduced and focus will be increased by doing gardening. You will not depend on any meditation.

Studies proved that if you will close to nature it works like meditation. Enjoy planting the trees to get more benefits to you.

Choose Gardening Area & Planting material –

  • You can use a balcony, teres or some space where sunlight is available.
  • Check if you can keep pots or containers in that area easily.
  • Make sure the plant will get proper sunlight.
  • You can use Terracotta or Plastic pots for planting.
  • Make sure there should be enough space. Chose the size of pots accordingly.
  • Buy a spray bottle and some gardening tools and materials.
  • Buy some organic fertilizers.
  • Use soil with organic fertilizers.
  • Mix some fertilizer with soil into pot. Then plant some seeds into it.

How to make an Organic Fertilizer at Home?


You can make an organic fertilizer at home also. Simply you have to use green waste for your manure.

  • Take a big terracotta pot and add some soil into it.
  • Mix this soil with the raw leaves.
  • After that add some green waste like raw vegetable stems, raw tomatoes, beans into it.
  • Mix all that very well and add some curd and water.
  • Mix well by adding more soil.
  • Close the pot or container and keep it for 2 to 3 months.
  • After 2 months you will see all ingredients added into the soil are mixed with the soil.

And this is your organic manure which you can use daily in your garden.

You can also use fruits raw peels to mix the soil.

This is the best organic manure to use in your garden.

Try it and use it in your garden to get more flowers and vegetables to your plant.

For pesticides, you can use in-house materials like garlic, neem oil, etc to control the insects.

What you can Grow?

You can grow any type of plant in your garden. Choose according to your choice and what you want to plant.

Flowers – you can plant flower seeds into your garden. Flowers like mogra, roses, lily’s, aster, hibiscus, sunflowers, etc. try to use organic material for your plants.

Flower can be used to make gulakand or you can use it in a salad. You can use it in aroma oils as aromatherapy to reduce stress.

Herbal plants – You can plant Tulsi, Lemongrass, Rosemary, Mint, Oregano, Adulsa, Giloy, Ashwagandha, etc. If you prefer to choose herbal plants then it is good to use it for your health. These are Natural and ayurvedic medicines that provide lots of benefits to your health.

Tulsi helps in reducing respiratory problems. Giloy increases immunity and strength. Mint is good for relieving cough. Lemongrass and Tulsi leaves are used to make a Kadha for good health.

Seeds and berry fruits – You can plant sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds. Seeds are also a good source of vitamins. You can plant strawberries, blueberries, mulberries in your garden.

Seeds contain lots of vitamins and antioxidants. Which helps to remove toxins from your and body.

Fruits – You can plant edible fruits like Papaya, Chickoo, Kiwi, Dragon, pomegranate, Guava, etc. To plant fruit trees, you need big pots or containers like drums.

Fruit is a rich source of Vitamins, Minerals, and micronutrients. If you will include fruits into your diet, you will feel healthier. Fruits are good sources of fiber and water which help in weight loss.

Other Trees – You can plant other types of trees like Bael, Curry, etc. You can choose plants that you find more beneficial to you.

Beans – You can plant Kidney beans, Black Beans, Chickpeas, green beans, Peanuts, or Soybeans. Beans are also good for your health. If you will get fresh beans from your garden. Then you can enjoy the tasty recipes of beans daily.

Vegetables – You can grow various vegetables also. Spinach, Fenugreek, Microgreens, Asparagus, Baby Kale, Broccoli, Cabbage, cauliflower, etc.

In vegetables, there is lots of variety to grow. And you do not need more space or a big pot or container. You can use a small container to plant vegetables. The vegetable is a powerhouse of vitamins and you can use it in your breakfast, lunch, or salad recipes.

When you will start planting trees, you can use that fruits and flowers or lentils in your diet. Wash it and use it in your salad, recipes, etc. You will see how much food will be tasty by using fresh fruits and beans.

So enjoy your gardening and see how you feel by doing gardening. Taking some small steps make an important role in life.

Instead of overthinking, we can use these baby steps for our good life. You will see doing gardening will boost and feel the energy in your life.

Make your own beautiful garden and get an appreciation for your garden.

Enjoy the journey of gardening.

Do not forget to write about your gardening experience.

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