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You will say pleasurable things is beauty. The quality present in a thing or a person that gives satisfaction to our mind is beauty. 

If things which are around us are good then we are happy. Means Beauty lies in our Happiness.

We say beauty lies in our Eyes because what we see and we feel happy is beauty.

That means we find our happiness on external sources through our internal sources.


We know that Happiness is through internal sources i.e., what we feel inside when we see something around us.


Then instead of finding happiness through internal sources we still depend on external sources to Live Happily. 

We say Life is beautiful when all things around us are going in the right direction.

Something happened to us then we feel bored and feel sad. 

So, to look beautiful and to feel beautiful inside we have to keep our bodies healthy.

Health is important to the source to live Happy life which gives us a feeling of beauty. And if you will feel beautiful, things around you will also look beautiful.


To enhance your beauty first we have to keep ourselves healthy by choosing healthy habits in a daily routine. Health is depending upon the foods which we eat.


Nutritional foods like fruits & vegetables keep us healthy and fresh.


Instead of eating processed foods, when we include fruits and vegetables into our diet will improve our body functions. Free radicals are removed from the body due to rich sources of Antioxidants found in fruits and vegetables.


So, to live beautiful eat fruits and vegetables and find within a few months how you are beautiful.


Let’s introduce myself blogger and passionate about gathering information about Natural sources and their benefits in our life.


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Keep yourself Healthy by eating Natural foods.

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Our Survival always depend on the Natural Resources available on Earth. Natural resources are blessing of Mother Nature providing huge benefits.

Our mission is, Increasing importance of Nature in our life among the Millions of people to use Natural Remedies or Home remedies in their lives to cure themselves and increasing the awareness about the Nature.

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