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When your daily routine starts it is important to take care of your skin health also. We have a normal routine and we forget about our skin.

Due to busy schedules, we don’t take care of health which leads to an increase in our other health-related issues. So, it is very important to take care of our health and whole body every day.

If your health will be good then all things will be good. Try to maintain your good and healthy daily routine which helps you not only in your health but also it is very beneficial for our skin and hairs.

Let’s discuss today how you can take care of your skin in your daily routine.


When you wake up you do exercise and some pranayama in the morning.

You can also include few face exercises in the morning.

In this exercise simply you have to use various movements of cheeks and mouth. Which will help you to increase blood flow on your face.

You can do some stretching of the face with the help of your hands. Move your mouth as you move it during eating food. You can do various exercises of faces with the help of your hands. Please make sure that do not hurt the face or skin during the exercise.

In such a way your day with starts with skin exercise for your healthy skin.

Drink plenty of water

It is important to drink plenty of water for a whole day. To hydrate your skin, water is an important element of the body. If your body gets enough water then your skin and body will be hydrated.

Your skin will look fresher and cleaner due to water. Start your morning with 1 glass of water after you wake up. This helps to remove all the toxins and cleanses our body internally. Which shows effects on your skin also.

Eat more fruits and Vegetables

It is also important to eat more vegetables and fruits in your daily routine. This helps to keep your healthy skin. Due to lots of antioxidants and the various micronutrients found in fruits and vegetables, it keeps our skin very healthy and fresh. You will feel your skin more beautiful when you will include fruits and vegetables in your diet.

You will get a natural glow to your skin by eating fruits and vegetables. Not only you can eat but also you can apply juices on your face to absorb vitamins and minerals from the skin directly. Thus, this will improve your skin texture and skin firmness. You will see how the skin is looking more beautiful when you will apply these fruits to your skin.  

Avoid junk food

To keep your skin good, you need to avoid eating junk food. Instead of that, you can include fruits, fruit juices, and milkshakes into your diet. Try to use natural food and keep a good diet for your day to improve your health of the skin.

Get a good sleep

It is also important to take a good sleep, not for your only health but is for your skin health also. Due to good sleep, your skin looks fresh and healthy. When you will not take a good sleep it will show signs on your skin like wrinkles, tired eyes, and laziness on the face. So, try to take a good sleep daily to keep your skin healthy.  


Skin cleansing is also an important part to protect skin from dust and pollution. Make sure that when you go out wash your face with the natural cleansing lotion.

You can wash your face with the help of rose water and cotton. Dip the cotton into rose water and apply it to your skin. Rub the face with cotton to remove all dust from the skin.

In the morning time, you can wash your face simply with water. You can use aloe vera gel to rub the face. Do not apply heavy chemicals to your face. Try to use natural herbs and ingredients to treat your skin.

If you have pimples and acne skin, avoid rubbing your face. Gently apply the rose water or just apply water to wash your face. Aloe-vera gives cooling effects on the skin so you can apply also aloe-vera gel on your face as a cleanser.

Try to clean your face at least 3 times a day. If you go out, then you have to wash your face when you come in. Cleansing helps to remove dust from your skin which protects from damaging the skin.



It is important to use a scrubber a day to remove dust from the skin. Apply red lentils or oats powder as a scrubber for the skin. Apply it and rub smoothly on the skin for 5 to 10 minutes. This will helps to clean your clogged pores. Try to clean all face with the help of a scrubber. You can use also a blackhead remover needle to clean your pores properly.

Face Pack

The face pack is also important after face cleaning and moisturizing is important. Try to use natural ingredients for your face. Use natural ingredients to make a face pack.

You can apply a face pack weekly once a week to rejuvenate and exfoliate your skin. You can use lentils paste mixing with honey and rose water to make a face pack.

Apply this face on a face after you clean and wash your face properly. You can also use the herbal scrubber to cleanse the face and remove dirt and blackheads and whiteheads from your face.

After properly cleansing, you can apply a natural face pack on your face for 15 to 20 minutes on the skin. This will give you the natural glow of the skin.

Face mask

Face masks provide more good results for your skin. You can use charcoal, mud, or orange peel face masks which are herbal and natural.

Face masks boost your skin and help to get a very natural and fresh glow on your skin.

You can apply this mask once a week and see how it gives the best results to look your skin more beautiful.


Applying moisturizer on the skin is also a good daily routine to improve your skin texture. You can apply moisturizer when you go to bed. To keep our skin smooth and soft, we need to apply moisturizer on the skin.

You can apply natural herbal moisturizer lotion or cream. Or instead of that, you can also use oils like coconut oil, sesame oil, olive oil. Take a few drops of oil on your fingertips and massage slowly on your face.

This will absorb the moisturizer on your face. You will get soft and smooth skin. You can mix some aroma essential oils to get more effects on the skin.


It is also important to close the pores of your skin when you clean the face. When we go out, there is more pollution, and this can affect our skin.

After cleansing face, our pores are opened. Open pores can damage your skin very fast. It increases scars and dust into the pores. These clogged pores can be results in large pores, increase in blackheads and whiteheads.

To avoid this, we have cleaned our face daily and need to use a toner after cleansing the face. These are very important steps to take care of our skin.

You can use natural herbal remedies or herbal toner for your face. Saunf (Fennel seeds) is a natural toner. You can take boiled water and add some Saunf into it. after few minutes you will see watercolor has been changed. Apply that water on your face with the help of cotton pads.

Note – Please make sure that you can apply more natural remedies to your skin. Any remedy before you apply, you can consult your doctor or skin expert.

These are very important tips to keep your skin very healthy and fresh. This will help you to increase skin texture and natural healthy glow on your skin. Try this to make as a good healthy routine part of your life to see your skin more and more beautiful day by day.

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